• getting a “boost” up on eco-friendly living

    It’s difficult to shop for kids these days without being confronted with green products at every turn. No matter if you’re at the grocery store, the toy store or even shopping virtually, eco-conscious products are prominently positioned at the end of the aisle or on homepages, beckoning parents who only want the best for their families (and who doesn’t?). The green craze has gotten so intense, it almost makes you feel guilty if you’re purchasing something that isn’t environmentally-friendly.

    Yes, I’ve reduced my carbon footprint, but the size of my headache has just tripled!

    When I do make a green purchase for my family, I like to make sure it’s an educated one, and it helps when the manufacturer can back me up with information that makes me feel my choice was a smart one. Kudos to Safety 1st for doing just that with its Nature Next line of baby products. The company uses recycled plastic, bamboo and eco-plastic (that’s plastic made from plant resources for all you newbie greenies) in its collection of booster seats, potty seats, safety gates, step stools and bathtubs. I checked out the bamboo booster, and really liked how durable it is and that it complements my wooden kitchen chairs. Speaking of the kitchen, when I toured Safety 1st’s site, I found other ways I could be a bit more eco-conscious while cleaning up after meals. If you consider yourself a relative newcomer to the green craze, you can even take the short and painless online eco-conscious quiz. This is one test you don’t have to study for, but the results might teach you a thing or two about taking better care of your family–and Mother Earth.

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