• a baby present with pizazz

    Always on a quest for “the perfect gift,” but never truly satisfied? This summer, when you’re paying a visit to a friend or family member with a new arrival, the Ice-Qube Baby is one gift the little one’s parents are sure to welcome. It’s a portable package that’s chock-full of both the fun stuff–miniature socks, a board book and snuggly blanket in a whimsical print–as well as the practical. That’s the stuff you think as a new parents you might not ever use, but when it’s 3 a.m. and your baby is burning up, you are so grateful to have: a first-aid kit containing gauze, Band-aids, a nasal bulb and an oral syringe. I know–not exactly the most pleasant stuff to ponder, but if you’re a parent, you’ve been there.

    The Ice-Qube Baby is also a life-saver for babysitters who need not only the right tools to handle a crisis on their feet, but the information to get the job done. Parents can fill out the included emergency plan sheet and head out for the night, confident that they didn’t forget anything. (A Baby to Go version is also available.)

    In a Nutshell: Forgo the flowers and skip the stuffed bear; the Ice-Qube Baby packs a lot in a small package, and keeps on giving.

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