• warming up to the idea of washable wipes

    Who knew that reusable wipes would become a “hot”–or should we say, “warm”–trend? Last month, we reported on the Bummas line of cloth baby wipes. Today, in honor of Earth Day, we are highlighting Prince Lionheart’s Warmies Wipe Warmer, a device that works with its own line of eco-friendly washable baby wipes (four are included). Prince Lionheart has done a lot to make this item particularly attractive to green-minded moms. Its Warmies are fashioned from bamboo cloth that is anti-bacterial, undyed and unbleached–that means no harsh chemicals will touch your tot’s rear, and you can save a tree. Plus, this warming device has been designed with a special antibacterial ingredient–approved by the EPA, no less–that reduces the growth of bacteria…a fancy way of saying that it’s sanitary and clean. There’s even a nightlight on the side for those 3 a.m. poopy changes–no fumbling in the dark for you. Moms who have been around the block may remember that the company issued a recall of its wipes warmer several years ago due to electrical problems. But it looks like the company has done its homework and now joins the ever-growing brigade of green-minded baby products companies. Stay tuned for many more like-minded players in this space.

    In a Nutshell: If you’re looking for the latest earthy baby product and think your little one’s derriere is deserving of some TLC, then this one is for you. My own kids were never treated this well and instead were subjected to the cool, wet world of commercial wipes. Hey, it’s never too early that life can be cruel…

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