• what a kick!

    Most bouncer seats defy their names; babies might be able to move around in them a bit, but their motion is fairly limited. If you have an active infant who is not content to sit, then this is the seat for your baby! The Kickin’ Coaster from Learning Curve gives little ones a chance to flex their muscles–and then some. Thanks to a footprint-decorated kick plate at the base of the seat, your baby will be able to push off, rocking herself up and down and stretching her growing limbs. (No feelings of confinement here!). My 9-month-old is a poster child for a seat like this, considering she’d rather be on the move than cooped up anywhere. What gives me peace of mind is that I can keep her in one spot while giving her the freedom and entertainment she craves. (The seat is also equipped with two toys that bob along with her as she bounces and music, too). And when it looks like she’s had enough, I can turn on the locking device and it becomes a stationary seat. Unfortunately, our days with the Kickin’ Coaster are numbered, as it’s recommended for babies from birth up to 25 lbs. But for now, we’re getting a kick out of watching her go!

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