• traveling made simpler

    A myriad of products devoted to smoother traveling with kids dot store shelves, but who frankly wants to lug around even more stuff? The Snack & Travel Tray from Star Kids Products is one item worth stashing in your car when you’re on the go with tots in tow. We put it to use in two ways and both times, were amazed at just how handy it came in. My 4-year-old, who always has something in her hands when we’re in the car for extended periods, used the tray to hold her books and games. No need to worry about them dropping on the side, out of reach, because she had everything directly in front of her on a flat surface. Pockets on the side held extra tissues–a big plus during this time of year when it seems like kids are blowing their nose every five minutes. Once we reached our destination and it was time for my 9-month-old to be fed, the tray easily affixed to her stroller. And getting rid of that messy dried baby food was easier than I thought, as the vinyl surfaces wipes clean. I’m not a huge fan of traveling with kids–who is, right?–but this product made the ride a bit less bumpy. And I’m all for no turbulence.

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