• got cravings?

    You don’t need to be pregnant to crave some sinfully rich chocolate every now and then–and if you spend your days with the 5 and under crowd, you’re entitled to some at the end of each day. (Think of it as your reward for a job well done–or at least for not having murdered anyone.) And with all the medical reports of late lauding the health benefits of dark chocolate, (in limited doses, of course), who needs an excuse? One company’s confectionery worth checking out is Nutty Steph’s (www.NuttyStephs.com). Her eclectic mix of ingredients might have you scratching your head, but one taste of the stuff and you’ll never doubt your cravings again. Standouts include Coffee and Donuts Milk Chocolate, Tropical Intercourse (yup, you heard it right) and my favorite, a concoction of cranberries, pine nuts and popcorn folded into dark chocolate. If you’re expecting, you might give the Salami & Paprika Dark Chocolate a whirl. Now there’s no need to send your hubby out to the grocery store at 3 a.m.

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    1. Meart

      Nutty Steph’s also makes GREAT! granola. My daughter loves it!

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