• not-so-maiden voyage

    As I count down the weeks (one month to go!) to the birth of my second child, I can’t help but smile a bit knowingly at the wide world of baby gear. Since my daughter was born nearly four years ago, I’ve managed to (finally!) figure out just which products were worth their weight in gold (a digital ear thermometer for painless, barely invasive fever checks) and those that still have me scratching my head (wipes warmer? Give me a break…I wanted my kid to learn early on that not everything in life is peaches and cream.)

    Today, I’m investing in some items that have emerged since my last time shopping for a newborn: a take-along swing (so much more practical than the bulky, take-up-more-space-than-I-can-bare to-swallow models) and a diaper bag that acts more like a functional tote than one that claims to have a life beyond the first year.

    While I’m amazed at the advancement in technology that’s occurred–flat-screen video monitors and strollers equipped with MP3 ports–I’m happy to say I won’t be seizing them up anytime soon. Call me old-fashioned, but I’d rather use nap time to catch up on e-mails and take a few minutes of a breather than analyze my child’s every breath and movement. And as for the music-moving machine, I think I’ll settle for the sweet sound of the birds overhead.

    Sweet dreams, baby…

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