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Pookie Poncho Orange Anna holding baby (2)

look baby, no hands: 7 a.m. enfant pookie poncho light

I’ve always been envious of babies in cozy cover-ups–and it’s not just because I detest cold weather. When my daughters were younger, I got such a kick out of snuggling them into their zip-up car seat-ups as I schlepped them around town. Just the thought of seeing only their little heads peeking out gave me the giggles (or maybe I was just punchy from being so sleep-deprived). Whatever the reason, the very act of being all wrapped up with one, quick zip–rather than being stuffed inside blankets that easily came undone and dragged on the ground–was sheer genius…but one that wouldn’t still benefit from some improvement. That’s part of the reason we love the Pookie Poncho Light from 7 am Enfant. This multitasking product is a lightweight baby carrier, carseat carrier and stroller carrier, all in one. The fleece lining is ideal for keeping your little one warm, minus the overheating. But what really sets this product apart is in the details: When the Pookie Poncho is being used as a front carrier, you can warm your own hands by tucking them in the side slits. And when your baby is snuggled in her stroller, it’s her turn to keep those precious digits snug. We’re smitten with the fashionable orange peel model (so Sundance!). This fall, it will also be available in lilac, marron glace, midnight blue and black. Who says you and your baby can’t look–and feel–good in winter weather?

In a Nutshell: Colder temps may be months away, but it never hurts to be prepared. The Pookie Poncho Light is baby gear that treats both Mom and Baby with TLC.

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Snugli Union Jack

queen mother-to-be

It’s too soon to start planning for Kate Middleton’s baby shower–her wedding day isn’t even here just yet–but it’s certainly fun to imagine her as mum-to-be some day. No doubt her baby’s nursery will be outfitted in royal finery, and her bundle of joy clothed in the lushest, most soft fabrics. But something tells me that when it’s time to step out with the future prince (or princess), the future Queen of England will be doing so in style. If we could be so bold as to suggest a couple of our favorite baby products, we’d put these on her baby shower wish list. To help navigate those London city streets with a little one, the Cybex Callisto is the way to go. This highly functional stroller converts into a stylish city pram just by snapping on a carrying cot right onto the stroller’s frame. That extra roomy storage basket lets the future mum stash away her umbrella for rainy treks or anything she picks up during her daily jaunt. And once those grey skies brighten, she can resume her fresh air walk with her baby safely tucked inside a Snugli baby carrier. We’d recommend the Union Jack model, of course, so she can pay homage to her homeland. Not only is it an eye-catching print, but the back straps are adjustable and the fabric, breathable. Because, yes, even princesses perspire.

In a Nutshell: A stroller that suits royalty and a front carrier that proclaims true patriotism? God save the Queen…

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Baby K'tan

easy breezy

Trying to carry a baby bundle around with you is never an easy feat. I remember when I took my newborn daughter out to grocery shop for the first time, with my older daughter in tow. After I thought I had given up that baby weight after childbirth, only to be lugging her around in a front carrier, I knew we would have a bit of a sweaty struggle as the spring days turned into summer. Now moms toting their baby with them in those sticky, humid days ahead of us need not worry. The Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier relieves that feeling of being too hot to handle, thanks to its breathable part-mesh, part-cotton fabric. It’s a combo carrier/sling with a double-loop design, so your baby’s weight is evenly distributed. Made from materials that are both dye-free and chemical-free, this carrier feels just right next to your little one’s newborn skin.

In a Nutshell: When the warm weather hits and you want to keep your little one close, don’t break out in a sweat. Here’s a carrier that will help you keep your cool.

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new 4 (3)

carried away

Ready to get super-close to your baby? There are two new soft carriers on the market that will make you want to scoop her up and snuggle her inside one of them. Living up to its name, the FreeHand Baby Carrier (left) distinguishes itself from other carriers by the fact that you can position your baby however you’d like–facing in or out, wearing her on your frontside or back–without the need for any inserts, straps or adjustments. How is that possible? The carrier has built-in crossover support, so you can wear your baby in any position and she’ll be able to fit securely (that means no floppy heads, especially for little babes). If you have a toddler who will still happily ride in a carrier (lucky you!), you’ll want to check out the BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier (below) which features an adjustable, ergonomic waist belt that distributes your child’s weight across your hips. It’s designed to fit a child up to age 2 or 31 lbs., so you can enjoy snuggling close even longer now.

In a Nutshell: Savor those oh-too-fleeting moments of bonding with your baby with these soft carriers. The FreeHand Baby Carrier will be in stores sometime this month, while the BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier will be available in April.