• It’s too soon to start planning for Kate Middleton’s baby shower–her wedding day isn’t even here just yet–but it’s certainly fun to imagine her as mum-to-be some day. No doubt her baby’s nursery will be outfitted in royal finery, and her bundle of joy clothed in the lushest, most soft fabrics. But something tells me that when it’s time to step out with the future prince (or princess), the future Queen of England will be doing so in style. If we could be so bold as to suggest a couple of our favorite baby products, we’d put these on her baby shower wish list. To help navigate those London city streets with a little one, the Cybex Callisto is the way to go. This highly functional stroller converts into a stylish city pram just by snapping on a carrying cot right onto the stroller’s frame. That extra roomy storage basket lets the future mum stash away her umbrella for rainy treks or anything she picks up during her daily jaunt. And once those grey skies brighten, she can resume her fresh air walk with her baby safely tucked inside a Snugli baby carrier. We’d recommend the Union Jack model, of course, so she can pay homage to her homeland. Not only is it an eye-catching print, but the back straps are adjustable and the fabric, breathable. Because, yes, even princesses perspire.

    In a Nutshell: A stroller that suits royalty and a front carrier that proclaims true patriotism? God save the Queen…

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