• baby bites: little toader appeteethers

    As I begin to enter the tween years of parenting, I’m faced with challenges that I never would have dreamed of (social media madness, anyone?). To help curb my own pity party, I sometimes remind myself of those early year moments that fortunately I won’t have to experience ever again…like teething. The sheer agony of watching my then-toddlers cry in utter pain and writhe their little bodies mercilessly was enough to convince me that mothers do, in fact, experience their children’s discomfort as though it were there own. Perhaps if I’d been able to inject some humor into the situation (as I tend to do with so many other uncomfortable moments as a mom), I’d be able to smile through those tears. That has got to be the thinking behind Little Toader’s AppeTEETHERS, a line of teething toys like no other we’ve seen. Shaped in the likeness of all your favorite foods, from ice cream and lollipops, to bacon and chicken wings (!), these are the most playful baby products out there. Easy to grasp for little fingers, each teether is made from food-grade silicone and is BPA-free. We love the fact that these pieces of eye candy give baby a heads up on what she might be munching on down the road, not to mention a much-needed chuckle for worn-out parents. AppeTEETHERS seem like a no-brainer to us. After all, who wants to chomp on a star-shaped toy when they scream for ice cream?

    In a Nutshell: Take the bite out of teething with some whimsical toys that put new meaning into the words ‘food for thought.’

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