• holiday table-ready: yankee candle scenterpiece

    I have always loved setting a holiday table. When my husband and I first hosted Thanksgiving, I remember putting out the miniature turkey place card holders that capped off each plate setting. A scattering of colorful fall leaves, carefully positioned away from a glowing candlelight, completed the festive look, one that I took pride in creating. As time passed and we had a family of our own, we traded Turkey Day for Christmas at our house. A glass tumbler filled with Christmas ball ornaments, pine cones and a few artfully arranged candy canes was front and center. Because we had small children with prying hands, I put my candles away for the time being…but not without a heavy heart. I missed that soft glow and the intoxicating scent that pervaded the dining room, be it the spiced apples of fall or peppermint of Christmas. If you’re someone who’d love an alternative to candlelight that makes for an inviting centerpiece this holiday season, check out the latest trend in home decor. Yankee Candle’s Scenterpiece is a flameless home fragrance that does away with the entire concept of melting candle wax and replaces it with scented MeltCups that can be updated to suit your mood or decor. We tested out the Scenterpiece system and were impressed how easy it was to set up (simply plug in and add your favorite scent). Within minutes, a subtle scent of apple pumpkin permeated the room without being too powering. Because no lit candles were in sight, our guests assumed the aroma was coming from our kitchen…little did they know. Aside from not having to worry about wax clean-up (or remembering whether or not someone blew out a candle before leaving the room), we love the Scenterpiece for its family-friendly design. My kids can drop in or lift out a new MeltCup without burning their fingers, as MeltCups are cool to the touch. Available in a variety of festive fall scents like Apple Pumpkin, Autumn Leaves and November Rain, Scenterpiece is the perfect addition to the Thanksgiving table or as a hostess gift.

    In a Nutshell: A holiday centerpiece that’s no fuss, no muss. That’s something we can all be thankful for.




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