• an appetite for reading: workman indestructibles

    There’s almost nothing I love more than a good book. When a new title I’ve put on reserve at the library finally comes in, my heart beats a little bit faster (hey, don’t judge). My mom tells me I’ve been surrounded my books ever since I could put a few words together, so it’s no wonder I’m a writer by trade today. But enough about me! I’m more excited about the Indestructibles line of books from Workman than any other baby book that’s crossed desk in a long time. If you know how much little ones like to chomp on anything they can get their hands on, then you’ll appreciate a book line (finally!) that’s designed to stand up to that kind of wear and tear. Indestructibles is said to be rip-proof, chew-proof, drool-proof, gum-proof, bathtime-proof AND washable. (That’s a tall order to live up to when you’re a baby book.) To put that claim to the test, I had my resident bibliophiles try to destroy these books. Let’s just say, even my 10-year-old can’t believe how strong they are. With the first two titles in the series, Baby Night-Night and Baby Peekaboo, we know it won’t be long before moms everywhere will be searching for even more books to satisfy their baby’s growing appetite for books. Just be sure they stay away from my copy of The Goldfinch

    In a Nutshell: This is one line of books your baby will devour…or at least, try to.

    Baby Night Night 3d low-res (2)Baby Peekaboo 3d low res

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