• on golden pond: the lake where loon lives

    My aunt and uncle have a summer house in New Hampshire, a place I remember from my childhood as one of peace and tranquility. While nature was all around us, it was the stillness of the lake, momentarily shattered by the cry of the resident loons, that I am able to recall instantly. If you’re not familiar with this species of bird, you come to know them by their haunting call, one that lingers long after you’ve packed up and gone home for the summer. So when I received my copy of The Lake Where Loon Lives, I knew I could be transported back to New England simply by turning the pages. What I did not anticipate, however, was the sharp contrast to the sounds of nature that are alive with energy and activity. Filled with a energy that will capture readers’ attention from the get-go, this delightful story celebrates the cacophony of loons, mixing with chattering chicks, snapping fish and buzzing flies…the sounds of summer, if you will. Repetitious verse builds on the story as new characters are introduced with each page, creating a dizzying array of sights and sounds. (Kinda like being a mom.) But just before you think you’ll never get a moment’s peace, just as in parenthood,  the day finally draws to a close and everything comes to a halt…all except for the lone wailing of the loon. That’s one sound that will stay with you forever, and if you’re lucky enough to experience it for real, then you’re lucky enough.

    In a Nutshell: An ode to summer and all things outdoor, this picturesque picture book pays tribute to the symphony of nature and all its wonderful sounds.


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    1. Brenda Reeves Sturgis

      Thank you so much for this thoughtful blog post. I appreciate your kind words about my book, The Lake Where Loon Lives!


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