• holiday hot toddy: pantone universe themo cup by room copenhagen

    Only 19 shopping days left ’til Christmas and counting! If you’ll be bravely hitting the malls this weekend and therefore loading up on caffeinated beverages to get you from Point A to Point Z without collapsing in a tired heap, may we suggest a colorful travel cup to keep your spirits jolly and bright? We love the just-released collection of Pantone Universe Thermo Cups that deserve a permanent spot in your cupholder. (Just be sure to take them out and wash them from time to time ;-). Naturally, the Flame Scarlet and Macaw Green styles are our personal favorites this time of year, but you can certainly pick up one (or a few) to suit your mood. The Thermo Cup does a stellar job at keeping your beverage of choice hot, but it looks nice, too. Makes a great gift idea for your favorite teacher, mom on the run or anyone who appreciates their daily caffeine fix while on the go–including you!

    In a Nutshell: So pretty, you’ll hardly need to wrap it. A stylish coffee cup that totes your favorite beverage wherever you roam.

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