• father knows best: when a dad says “i love you”

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    When I was a kid and Father’s Day rolled around, I often saved up enough money to buy my dad one of two things: either Old Spice after shave or Aqua Velva. And, if he was really lucky, I could spring for a gift set, which included soap on a rope. That would be a banner year for my dad. Never tiring of these gifts that epitomized what fatherhood meant to me, my father always accepted these tokens with gratitude. In fact, I think he even came to count on them, especially when he was running low on after shave. With Dad’s Day practically here once again, it’s time to treat our favorite fathers with something special. If you haven’t already gone out and buy a requisite tie, new set of grilling tools or some after-shave, consider honoring that special day for dads and their young children: bedtime. A new picture book entitled When a Dad Says “I Love You” is an endearing story about the different ways a father can show his love for his family. Whether it’s bestowing silly pet names or reading a child’s favorite story for the hundredth time, each animal dad demonstrates the great lengths he will go to display his affection. Not only are the instances completely relatable, but the very notion of spending time together is what this book is all about. A delightful read for Father’s Day or even an ordinary day, this book celebrates the special kind of love between a father and child that’s always in season. Even without the after shave.

    In a Nutshell: Dads get their moment in the sun with an adorable story that pays tribute to just how special these men can be.


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