• these boots are made for talkin': hugrz boot wraps

    My niece has a foot fetish. Well, maybe not exactly, but she does love her shoes and is often “borrowing” what she doesn’t have from her sister and mom.  Taking a cue from “The Carrie Diaries,” perhaps, or maybe just being a typical teen? Whatever her rationale, her penchant for posh footwear doesn’t come cheap, so it’s not easy to build a wardrobe when you’re on a budget. Fashionistas in the know have that problem solved, thanks to a line of footwear accessories that give new life to tired tootsies. Hugrz boot wrappers are the hip, new way to update your winter shoes without having to invest in multiple purchase. (Who can afford more than one pair of UGGS, anyhow?) Not matter your mood, there’s a line of Hugerz for you. From the fur-inspired Aspen Collection, to the hipster Bennington brand and the Santa Fe line that lets you bring out your wild side, each wrap offers a playful look that lets you dress up for that special occasion or go casual effortlessly. Now that’s a wrap!

    In a Nutshell: Fashionable footwear that really goes the distance. Oh, and they look great, too.


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