• Another bone-chilling day like this, and I may just have to hibernate. At this time of year here in the northeast, thoughts naturally turn to spring and warmer weather. Even if I can’t manage to escape the cold and head off to a seaside resort anytime soon (well, I can surely visit one in my mind…), I imagine there will plenty of peeps booking their sunny getaways right about now. For those of you heading out of town with the kiddies, I envy you…and urge you to cover up. As a mom who continues to fight skin cancer (three battle scars to prove it), I keep my girls protected from head to toe, especially when the summer sun strikes. While sunscreen is strongly recommended, it doesn’t hurt to opt for UV-protection swim wear, either. One brand that recently caught our eye is from UV Skinz. They make everything from hats and shorts, to long- and short-sleeve shirts all in 50+ UPF fabric. That translates to blocking out 98 % of the sun’s harmful rays, which means less time spent squirming for sunscreen application. Not only is the fabric breathable, but it stands up to chlorine wear and tear–good news for all you pool lovers. Because UV Skinz is available for the entire family, there’s no excuse why everyone can’t stay safe–and stylish.

    In a Nutshell: Headed out of town for spring break? Be sure to pack the sunscreen and don’t forget this line of protective swimshirts so you can truly enjoy your day in the sun.


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