• whiz kid wear: geekie kids’ clothing

    As I write this, my 8-year-old is doing her math homework. A natural with numbers, she devours three-digit addition and polishes off regrouping like nobody’s business. Let’s just say she didn’t inherit the math gene from me…although both her uncle and grandfather (on my side) may account for some of her braininess (I just take credit for her way with words). Amazing, though, how all these years later, it’s still not cool as it could be for girls to love math. Even after the recent publication of Danica McKellar’s (a.k.a. “Winnie” from “The Wonder Years”) books touting math’s cool factor, I don’t see young girls running out to buy their own calculator. Maybe if we as parents found a way to recognize those kids who have a knack for numbers–and I don’t just meaning displaying that A+ math test on the fridge. Because I know just how to speak my daughter’s language, I get my own kick out of subtly influencing her wardrobe choices, especially when they reflect her brightness. The new fall/winter Geekie clothing line taps into that inner genius by letting kids proclaim their smart side fashionable. From hoodies to long- and short-sleeved Ts, this collection offers a relaxed sense of style and comfort, but with an edge to it. Sized for toddlers up through boys/girls 12, there’s plenty of room to grow.

    In a Nutshell: We heart smarties. Now kids can let the world know that there’s brains behind all that beauty with this geek-friendly collection.




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