• baby bump-worthy: jessica simpson maternity

    Jessica Simpson is expecting again…but this time, it’s a new fashion collection she’s happily anticipating. And frankly, we weren’t at all surprised to hear about the launch of her maternity apparel collection. After the birth of Simpson’s first child earlier this month, not to mention a staggering amount of press devoted to the very-pregnant celebrity, a stylish line of clothing that accentuates an expectant woman’s changing shape seemed only natural. Given her prior successful stints in apparel, accessories and cosmetics, Simpson clearly knows a thing or two about what women like when it comes to fashion. (Either that, or she has a knack for picking talented, perceptive designers.) And since she just walked the walk of a pregnant woman herself, we give her the thumbs up for putting her name on a brand at a period when a woman’s self-image may need a bit of a boost. We can remember what it felt like to pull on a pair of maternity jeans with the “hidden” panel that felt anything but secretive. From the looks of Simpson’s fall line, we see items that beg to give moms-to-be the attitude they deserve to flaunt. From vintage-print tops, to leopard-print leggings, her collection gets points for its versatility, as well as its practicality. As any pregnant woman knows, comfort is key during those nine months. But, as Simpson clearly understands,  preserving your sense of self goes a long way, too. Jessica Simpson Maternity will be available this fall at Destination Maternity, Motherhood Maternity, Macy’s and other select retail stores.

    In a Nutshell: Jessica Simpson Maternity in a word? “Irresistible.”

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