• discreet feeding: undercover mama nursing shirt

    During a recent walk on the boardwalk at our local beach, I happened to notice a woman sitting on a bench, her stroller parked nearby. A large blanket was draped across her upper body, which surprised me, given the warmth of the morning sun. But after doing a double-take and realizing that the stroller was empty, I then saw that it was her baby who was underneath that blanket and that she was simply breastfeeding her child…except it appeared anything but simple. She continued to shift her body weight and adjust herself and her baby as she nursed. Even while joggers, walkers and other passersby went about their business, it was clear that this woman did not want any onlookers (such as myself) to pay her any mind. I couldn’t help but think of this mom when I learned about the new Undercover Mama camisole tank this week. Designed specifically for breastfeeding moms who’d like a little less unwarranted “attention,” this is the first nursing cover-up we’ve seen that actually works with your existing wardrobe. It works in one of two ways: either by slipping a loop under your bra’s clasp and folding the hook behind it, or by slipping a hook on your bra’s strap and folding the loop behind it. It may take a bit of getting used to, but like your baby’s car seat or stroller buckles, after you’ve done it a few times, it will feel like second nature. The added incentive? You can save money not having to buy a nursing bra and special shirt. And with the warm weather ahead of us, who wants to wear a hot blanket over themselves–and their baby–anyway? We think Undercover Mama is on to something: breathe-easy breastfeeding. Sounds like a trend worth following…

    In a Nutshell: Goodbye, gawkers. Now you can nurse your baby in public without commanding any undue attention.


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