• aloha staycation: sanuk shoes

    Before kids, I used to set aside money every week for a trip to Hawaii. After my weekly grocery store run, I’d put aside money saved from all the coupons I had used and kept a running tab of all my earnings on an index card affixed to the fridge. (Mind you, this was way before extreme couponing became a trend.) Any time I had a bad day, one look at that card told me I was that much closer to doing the hula while sipping some tropical concoction out of a coconut shell. Well, it’s nearly 8 years later and I’ve yet to make it to the Big Island, or any island for that matter. I’ve since traded in my coupon earnings for college savings, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t dream a little dream. Aside from slathering my skin with coconut lime lotion from Bath & Body Works, I’ve yet to complete my Hawaiian transcendence. Lucky for me, we seemed to have been blessed with an early spring and that means summer can’t be too far off. What a perfect excuse to sport a new pair of stylish shoes from Sanuk. Their Standard Get Lei’d features a vintage print reminiscent of a Hawaiian shirt that has seen its fair share of luaus. We think it’s the perfect refresher for a tired winter wardrobe–and for any mom who’s been dreaming of a trip to the land where palm trees sway.

    In a Nutshell: If you can’t make it to Hawaii, then these shoes will bring a taste of the islands to your tired tootsies.

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