• Cats and kids are somewhat alike. Although from two entirely different species, each loves to nibble and gaze on multiple meals throughout the day. Our resident kitty is known to visit her food bowl no less than 4-5 times a day, much like my 2 kiddies who relish small snacks from morning til dessert. We’re not surprised then that Hello Kitty continues to be all the rage among girls big and small, and for this school year, she’s a big hit when it comes to lunchtime. The Hello Kitty 2-Tier Bento Container will have fussy eaters purring with contentment, since it keeps different foods separate in their own space (you know how particular girls can be about their stuff). They fit together easily and are easy to clean, making mealtime a snap. And because this bento container is durable, it’s designed to withstand lots and lots of lunches…maybe even nine lives’ worth.

    In a Nutshell: Hello Kitty welcomes lunchtime with a delightful new companion that keeps food contained and kitties satisified.

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