• hostess gift with the mostess

    In my active fantasy life, I am heading to the Hamptons for a long weekend at the beach. I am thinking about what veggies I’ll be picking up at the farmer’s market to grill later on and whether it will be hot enough to justify wearing white until Monday. Contrary to what you might think, I’m not 100-percent selfish in my daily reveries…or at least,  not this one. I realize I don’t own a beachhouse in the toniest part of Long Island, nor do I have any plans anytime soon to sacrifice my kids’ college funds for some local real estate. But, if I ever do get invited out east, I have a great hostess gift in mind to show my friend that I am worthy of her Hamptons zip code. The sweet Daisy Vase Set from Chalkboard China is bud-worthy of any wildflowers picked during a leisurely stroll, and is a wonderful way to welcome someone to the breakfast table after enjoying a restful night’s sleep away from home. I love the fact that these vases can be personalized to include whatever message the gift giver (or recipient) sees fit at that moment. Made from hand-blown glass, they are covered with a chalkboard finish for the perfect inscription. And when that certain sentiment has faded, along with the flowers, the vases wipe clean, ready for their next special occasion. With a hostess gift like this, you may just guarantee yourself a return invitation next summer.

    In a Nutshell: How many bars of guest soaps can one hostess really use? With this innovative gift, now you really can say it with flowers in your own creative way.

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