• I nearly knocked over a display of back-to-school stuff at the grocery store the other day. I couldn’t believe that pails and shovels were quickly being usurped by notebooks, crayons and pencils…oh my! With Labor Day nearly six weeks away, September is actually sooner than you might think (sorry to be a spoilsport!). Because we’ve always got an eye turned to the latest kid product trends, we took a look at what’s big in writing for the coming season. Does your kid have dry erase markers on her school supply list again, the same ones she’s forever needing to replace because someone forgets to put the caps back on and they dry out? Well, the smart folks at Crayola have come up with a solution to that pesky problem with their new Dry-Erase Bright Crayons. The modern-day equivalent of the chalkboard, whiteboards are being used by teachers and students alike for spelling and math, and these marker alternatives make the perfect accompaniment to this style of learning. They don’t have any caps to lose, they don’t have that funny marker smell and they wipe clean with the included E-Z Erase Mitt. We give the Dry-Erase Crayons crayons an A+ for their convenience and versatility…For bigger kids who have graduated from pencils to pens, but who still need the occasional “do-over” comes the EraseAway. It’s a retractable ballpoint pen that erases. If your child was always misplacing the caps to her markers, this is the pen for her. Available in blue, black or red ink,  it does not have an erasable cap. The sleek, grown-up look and feel of the EraseAway will make a middle school kid think she has finally “arrived.”

    In a Nutshell: When shopping back-to-school, here are 2 products that have all the write stuff.

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