• suit up, young man

    When my brother was a boy, my mother was lucky if she could wrangle him into a suit for his First Communion, let alone for any other special occasion. He’s now all grown up with a teenage son of his own, and finds that it’s not much easier trying to convince him to dress up, not down. Because we learn early on that clothes do indeed make the man, finding fashionable finery that doesn’t require moms to make harsh demands (no Xbox or Facebook for one week) doesn’t have to be a losing battle. Appaman Fine Tailoring seeks to please both parent and son with its ultra sleek suit collection for young gentlemen. The collection’s euro slim Mod Suit earns points for its sophisticated lines and soft fabrics. Whether guys choose to keep their cool by pairing with a vintage T or adding a slim tie for their buddy’s Bar Mitzvah, the look is sure to catch a few young ladies’ eyes. Maybe he won’t be wanting to play Xbox so much after all…

    In a Nutshell: Your first cousin’s wedding right around the corner and Junior refusing to don his Sunday best? This hip line of dress wear for young boys may just have him changing his mind.

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