• papa, can you hear me?

    Talking to your baby in utero…not necessarily a novel concept these days, but how about exposing your growing baby to the sounds of his future parents, grandparents and family as much as you like? Now that’s something to cause us to prick up our ears and take notice! Earlier this year, we checked out bellybuds wearable speakers that you affix to your tummy, enabling your little one to listen to music from your iPod. Sound Beginnings kicks it up with a notch with an expandable nylon/lycra band with hidden speakers that plug into a MP3 player. If you want to record big sister-to-be saying how excited she is meet her new sibling, you can play her sweet nothings to your heat’s content. Have a penchant for punk music? Let your bambino get her first taste of Bad Religion using this cool device. Whatever you choose, whenever you like, you can give your baby the gift of sound and stimulation long before she’s born. Sounds Beginnings makes for a talked-about baby shower gift.

    In a Nutshell: Now hear this: talking to baby-to-be just got a whole lot more exciting.

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