• for baby bunnies

    When it’s time to buy a baby gift, you wrestle with the idea of selecting the perfect present without having to spend oodles of time shopping for it. We moms know all too well just how precious our free moments can be. Maybe that’s why it took a mom to create a children’s clothing and gift site that lets you make just the right choice with minimal effort and a whole lot of style. Rabbit Moon is a brand-new e-tailer that caters to the discriminating shopper and the gift-giver who wants everything just so, right down to the gift wrap. Aside from the nicely sized selection of stylish kids for girls and boys from newborn through age 4 and a section with selections for $30 and under, Rabbit Moon offers some nice touches on its customer service end. For $5, your gift can be wrapped along with a hand-written note. Or for $4, you can request the do-it-yourself gift kit, which comes with a gift box, tissue paper, ribbon, sealing sticker and note card. Either way, you can be assured your present will be a memorable one.

    In a Nutshell: We’re over the moon for a site that practically does the shopping for us, while allowing us to take credit. From now through November 8, take advantage of Rabbit Moon’s free ground shipping.

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