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    Remember your trusty Chatter Telephone toy? The one you dutifully pulled behind you as you toddled around the house back in the day? Well, fast- forward to the present where your tech-savvy kid can tap on your iPhone faster than you can check your e-mail. Fisher-Price has tweaked its telephone for a new generation that can do more than talk in real time. Now you can download the Chatter Telephone App, along with one for See ‘n Say and the Little People Farm, from iTunes and let your preschooler play to her heart’s content. The Chatter Telephone features three screens–Numbers, Music and People in Your Neighborhood–that help kids count, listen to different instruments and learn about grown-ups at work. Hey, in this world, busy signals just don’t exist. Warning: If you hand your iPhone over to your kid with this app loaded, you may not get it back.

    In a Nutshell: Long lines at the grocery store? With the Chatter Telephone App on your phone, we say: bring ‘em on.

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