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baby’s dozen: cupcake onesies

Psstt…wanna know a secret? If you happen to be a new mom, then you’ll really want to pay attention. The secret to surviving the first year of your baby’s life is…wait for it…not having to do laundry every day. Now you may think that’s not exactly classified information, but if someone had told me to keep an endless supply of bibs and onesies on hand–and not just stock up on diapers–I would have spent a lot less time with my washer/dryer and more time chilling out. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have wanted to have your baby looking her finest at all times (you never know when someone will drop by unannounced and bestow a new baby gift upon you). For those who can take a hint, consider the utterly adorable Cupcake Onesies. Not only do they come ready-to-give, nestled in a confectionery-style, but they are look as good to eat as they are to wear. And because we moms appreciate things in bulk (they don’t sell those mega packs of wipes at Costco for nothing, you know), these delicate one-pieces (sized 0-6 months or up to 16 lbs.) come 2 and 4 to a box, so be sure to grab a few. For all those times she didn’t want to drop another load in the wash, believe us,  the new mom in your life will thank you.

In a Nutshell: Let them buy cake…cupcake onesies, that is. Now babies can look as sweet as they smell–and Mom won’t have to feel like she’s elbow deep in Dreft.

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Box of 2 Pink Cupcake One-pieces

sweet tooth slumber: baby bunch PJs

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Like most moms, I’m debating between less snacking and more sleep. Guess which one inevitably wins outs? I never realized how crucial good sleep was until I had kids. I can’t blame my lack of shut-eye on 3 a.m. feedings anymore, and I haven’t quite gotten to the one-eye open until a car pulls into the driveway (the teen years are still a decade away). No, I’m more inclined to lay awake and listen to a lone cough echoing from one bedroom and the rumblings of a bad dream from another. Maybe my craving for more zzzz’s is why I invest so much in comfy PJs for both myself and my kids. If you’re thinking of an innovative gift for a new mom friend, how about a standing offer to watch Junior for a couple of hours, so Mom can get some much-needed rest, along with a delightful sleep ensemble for her little one? The Baby Bunch’s PJ Cupcakes are especially sweet for either a toddler boy or girl. These 100-percent cotton jammies are available in pink or blue two-piece sets and come in a whimsical gift box. Yes, good things do come in small packages. And lucky for Mom, these cupcakes are sugar-free.

In a Nutshell: Every kid looks cute in their PJs–even a trying toddler. Pick up a pair of these jammies and sweeten the deal with an offer to watch your mom friend’s little one for an afternoon. Now that’s a real BFF.

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traveling companion

We’re slowly starting to pack for our annual summer vacation with the kids later this week. For me, that means double loads of laundry, unearthing our travel bags and figuring out how few toys I can get away with packing. If you’re traveling with a little one, you’re already loaded down with enough baby gear to outfit a mansion–forget about the toys! I tell my girls they’re each allowed one special, can’t-do-without plaything, and then the rest is up to me. (Let’s see how well that one works). If you have a little person in your life embarking on her first journey, be it by car, plane or cruise ship, you won’t be able to resist My Little Suitcase. Brought to you by The Baby Bunch, the same company whose baby gift line The Talking Walnut has raved over, this charming little luggage is stocked with a passport cover, cotton sleepsuit (available in sizes 6-12 months) and matching plush bear. We’re a stickler for creative packaging and imaginative design, and this gift has it…right down to the detailed luggage tag. My Little Suitcase comes in green, blue or pink, and makes for a unique send-off for any little traveler. Bon voyage, baby!

In a Nutshell: Precious cargo gets first-class treatment with this adorable travel gift for your favorite passenger.

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nesting instinct

Outside our kitchen window, a new family of sparrows have created a home for themselves. While my husband installed a birdhouse on top of a high post, it was the mother bird who did the real work of feathering her nest. Each day, she diligently flew back and forth, returning to the house with a beak full of grass and small leaves. My daughters marveled at her dedication and tirelessness…and I was reminded how my own job as a parent isn’t too different from the mother bird’s. Whether clothing our kids or feeding them a nourishing meal, I am trying to be more mindful of taking pleasure in the simple things in life: a warm bath, a good book and a snuggly pair of PJs are all high up on our list these days. When thinking of a special gift for a new baby or big brother/sister, the Birdhouse PJ Box is a thoughtful way to welcome a new arrival by evoking the comforts of home. Playfully packaged inside a cardboard birdhouse comes a set of cotton pajamas, along with a plush bird toy. Not only are the PJs soft and sweet, but the box doubles as a playhouse for any lucky doll or stuffed animal (including the birdie). As a busy mom myself, I can always appreciate a smartly packaged present that saves me the time and aggravation of gift-wrapping. And that leaves lots more time to do other things…like birdwatching.

In a Nutshell: Our resident fine feathered friends have inspired us to look for more meaning in our gifts: ones that evoke comfort, coziness and home.

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