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ice cream social: what would you do for a klondike bar?

With the holidays approaching faster than I can handle, I’m starting to realize that the kids will be home from school before we know it. And with this year’s Christmas break lasting a full two weeks (!), that means lots and lots of family time. If you’re looking for something that will take the sting out of all that ‘quality’ time, may we suggest a weekend away? If that’s not possible (hey, join the club), how about updating your toy closet with some new board game titles? One new game that has us salivating–and with good reason–is What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar? Call it ice cream charades, if you will. Players begin by rolling the Challenge Cube and then choosing a fellow player to compete against. You’ll be offered the chance to take on one of 300 different challenges, ranging from grunting like a caveman while asking someone out on a date, to coming up with creative new uses for bacon. The winning player earns the privilege of rolling the Flavor Cube in order to win a Klondike bar. The first player to win all six flavors gets to take home the Klondike Champion card, along with a good appetite for sweets. We think this game will be a hit with the older crowd who can appreciate a good game of Truth or Dare, and is a great choice for family game night. So, pull up a chair and settle down for the night. And it never hurts to partake of some of the real deal for refreshments, too.

In a Nutshell: Family game night just got a whole lot sweeter. This ice cream-inspired takes a favorite ad slogan and asks you to show just how much you love your favorite dessert.

Klondike-Components (2)

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express yourself: social (e)motion board game

My 7-year-old has no trouble expressing herself. When she’s not particularly fond of my meatloaf, she tells me so (and in no uncertain terms, mind you). And when she’s just learned that she won a raffle at school, she does nothing short of shouting it from the rooftop (thank goodness she’s still too young for Facebook). But for those kids who need an extra nudge when it comes to social networking the old-fashioned way, comes a board game that makes self-discovery less of a challenge. Call it a modern day charades, Social (e) Motion helps kids age 5 and up better interpret their own thoughts and feelings by making the guesswork feel less like a chore. As each player draws a Face Card, they have the option of either drawing or acting out the specified emotion. (No worries about drawing abilities; amateur artwork gets the message across just fine!). However, the more skilled you are at conveying what’s on the cards, the more chips you acquire and the greater your chance to win. To spice up the game play, Wildcards double your earnings and the fun, prompting players to make unexpected moves with suggestions like trying to make the player on your right laugh (easier said than done!). We like the personal touch of this game: Face Cards are taken from family photo albums and Wildcards ideas are submitted by real kids. As the saying goes, if you play your cards right, you just might win–and not just at this game…

In a Nutshell: Your kid isn’t one to bare his soul? This game may offer him the chance to feel a bit more comfortable sharing his thoughts.

**Stay tuned all next week, as The Talking Walnut goes to Toy Fair and tells you what your kids will be bugging you…eh, we mean asking you to buy them next!**

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catch of the day: fishing board game

We live across the street from a fresh water pond, which gets its fair share of fishermen on your average spring day. But with three months of winter still to go, we won’t be baiting our lines anytime soon (we’re not exactly big fans of ice fishing). Just because you have to put our tackle boxes away for the season doesn’t mean you can’t roll up your sleeves and practice indoors. Fishing Camp, a brand-new board game for ages 4 and up, is a great playtime substitute for when the fish aren’t biting. The concept is straightforward: roll the dice and move your boat around the board until you land a fish and reach the docks. The more fish trivia questions you answer correctly, the further you get along the board. But, of course, the potential for trouble ensues along the way. Don’t land on the “Go to Shore Lunch Island” or you’re likely to miss a turn. Our favorite feature of the game is the special GPS game card. If you draw one of those cards and answer its trivia question correctly, you’ll be granted a shortcut to the docks. Now if only the fish in our pond would naturally gravitate to our lines…

In a Nutshell: When the weather calls for indoor play, hang up your “gone fishin'” sign on the door and break out this new board game.


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what a trip!

Are you good at thinking on your feet? Do you possess a knack for coming up with words that stump your Scrabble partner? If you love playing games that allow you to flaunt your vast vocabulary, then take a break from the virtual Words With Friends and dust off the coffee table for Game Night. Packaged in an eye-catching vintage tin, Road Trip is a fast-moving board game where you get points for moving quickly (no worries about traffic tickets on this route!). Players travel cross-country as they move across the board, taking challenges that demonstrate their language skills. When you roll the Alphabet Dice, you must use that corresponding letter to answer a question. It can be as difficult as saying a word that ends or begins with said letter, or (our favorite) completing a sentence with a word that starts with that letter (how silly you want to be is up to you!).  Just be mindful of those Rest Stop cards; like in the real world, too many bathroom breaks may work against you. Whether you’re playing with family or friends, this crowd-pleasing game is a ton of fun–and it sure beats the license plate game.

In a Nutshell: Hitting the road was never so easy. Just pack your thinking cap!

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board game bonanza

If Hurricane Irene was an unwelcome visitor in your household this past week, as it was in ours, you’ve probably played one board game too many. And if you are still experiencing the after effects of no electricity, you are more than ready to expand your horizons beyond the world of Scrabble and Go Fish. That’s why FURT couldn’t have arrived at a better time on our doorstep. This is one board game that you won’t mind playing over and over, and that will even enable some of the more…ahem, challenging people in your clan to take part in Family Game Night willingly. Got any of those teens who’d rather text than have you twist their arms to spend some time with you? Then FURT is for you (and them). The name alone had us wondering what this game is all about. Simply put, the object is for players to be the first to land inside the game’s volcano. Yup, you read that right: inside is where the winner’s circle is located. To get there, you roll the dice to complete all sorts of inane actions: think Charades meets Simon Says, with a twist of wackiness. We don’t know what’s more fun: talking like a robot (hey, I do that with my kids on a regular basis) or acting like a donut (not as easy as you might think). Regardless of what action you’ve “forced” to perform, FURT is all about having fun. You don’t have to show off your spelling skills or your amazing encyclopedic memory of all things movies. This game is meant to make you laugh and forget about your troubles. And when those lights do go back on–and they will, even if you don’t believe it–you’ll find yourselves returning to FURT sooner than you thought.

In a Nutshell: We love a good party game, especially after being stuck indoors because of Mother Nature. When there’s only so much Monopoly you can handle, hurry up and sell those hotels and move on over to FURT

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