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tinymobile on carrier

portable play: tiny love take-along mobile

When my girls were babies and we hit the road (even for a day trip to my parents’ house), I was always lugging tons of gear for my own precious cargo. Stroller, portable crib, booster seat…you name it. While I couldn’t, of course, duplicate all the comforts of home, judging from the trunk of my car, you’d have thought I was! For those babes on the go who can’t quite settle down without a little traveling music, comes the ideal solution. Tiny Love’s Take-Along Mobile looks just like the standard-size model snapped onto her crib back at home, but in a travel-friendly version. It attaches to most strollers, car seat carriers and play yards, so your little one will never feel compromised. Five different melodies play up to 30 minutes of continuous music–plenty of time to get your little one off to Dreamland–as three little friends twirl and whirl overhead, inviting little ones everywhere to conk out and get some shut-eye. And if you’ll be traveling this holiday season, some extra zzz’s are definitely in order.

In a Nutshell: This mobile’s on the move, just like you and your baby. Whether you need it to stimulate or soothe, it goes wherever you do.




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Tiny Love Nature Mobile (2)

natural sur-round-ings: tiny love my nature pals mobile

Sometimes, when I can’t fall asleep, I stare at the ceiling and count sheep. And when I’m not busy composing lyrical poetry, I’m recalling silly moments that take me back to a time when life was a lot simpler and a lot less hectic. Like when my college roommate and I noticed that our dorm room’s ceiling had been decorated to look like the Milky Way. Upon turning out the lights during our first night at school, we realized that our previous tenants had left dozens upon dozens of glow-in-the dark stars and moons on the ceiling, turning our otherwise dull room into a heavenly spectacle. No wonder we slept like babies that night. As you create a dream space for your own child, do you consider what gives them a sense of calm, a peacefulness that carries on long after you’ve shut the door? We think all babies deserve a crib mobile that lets them fixate on something entertaining, and when they’re ready to drift off, a lullaby to ensure a good night’s sleep. Tiny Love’s new My Nature Pals Mobile is just the ticket. As a smiling-faced bird, ladybug and bird spin overhead, your little is treated to a half-hour of soothing songs and soft lighting. Particular parents will appreciate the flexibility of the optional music/lights (pick either or both, depending on your little one’s mood). And once she’s outgrown her crib mobile, you can detach it and hang on to the music box. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a lullaby every now and then?

In a Nutshell: Dream a little dream, and treat your sleepy babe to a mobile that provides hours of stimulation–and (hopefully) shut-eye.



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Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper reclined

sit ‘n snooze: tiny love 3-in-1 rocker napper

Delicate, precise handiwork isn’t only necessary for surgeons and craftspeople; it’s also crucial for moms of sleeping babies. I remember when my almost 4-year-old would finally conk out in her bouncy seat or swing. I was absolutely terrified to move her, for fear of disturbing her precious shut-eye–and me having to contend with a very unhappy baby. (And this was my second kid, so my fear factor should tell you something.) How cool would it have been to have an infant seat that doubles as a safe sleeping spot. My baby wouldn’t have to fall asleep in an uncomfortable, upright position–and I wouldn’t have to agonize whether or not to wake her. Well, Tiny Love has solved this dilemma with its new 3-in-1 Rocker Napper. Aside from the standard bouncer seat bells and whistles–toy bar, music box and mobile–this seat turns into a fully reclined, bassinet-like sleeping spot with raised sides for extra security. No more cramped neck muscles, or endless fretting that your little one will fuss if you attempt to transfer her. And because the Rocker Napper can accommodate babies up to 40 lbs., we imagine this seat will become a nursery mainstay.

In a Nutshell: “Never wake a sleeping baby.” Now you can follow Mom’s sage advice with a clear conscience, thanks to this multitasking baby seat.

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Tiny Love Soothe 'n Groove Mobile (2)

let me entertain you: tiny love crib mobile

My sister’s co-worker just had her baby shower, and judging by the number of gifts she received, this is bound to be one well-stocked nursery. Hard to believe that among the four (yup, you heard that right) car seats, a myriad of adorable outfits and a chandelier (!) for the nursery, she did not score a crib mobile. Because only a new mom knows just how much time newborns spend (hopefully!) sleeping, it’s ideal to provide them with a little stimulation when they’re awake, especially if they’re content to stay in their crib for a little while longer. Tiny Love’s brand-new-to-stores Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile is the perfect way to wile away the hours (okay, minutes) that your little one can spend happily kicking away. Three smiling, little friends twist and turn overhead, as gentle melodies play in time to their movement. Since we know how quickly we can tire from hearing the same three songs over and over, you’ll appreciate the fact that your little one will be treated to a selection of eighteen different lullabies for up to 40 minutes. Musical mommies with varied tastes can choose from jazz, classical and other favorite genres (sorry, no Adele here). Even after your baby has outgrown the mobile, you can detach it from the crib and keep the music box for her continued listening pleasure. Isn’t the greatest sound a cooing little person?…

In a Nutshell: Your baby’s crib is not complete with a mobile that offers plenty of delightful melodies, without the repetition that can drive even the sanest mom a little batty.

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Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer w baby (2)

sit and play

If you or someone you know has had a baby in the last decade, you probably owned a Gymini. Name ring a bell, but you can’t quite picture the product? It was a colorful playmat with an arch of toys that kept your not-yet-mobile little one occupied in one spot. I remember when my daughter couldn’t yet “roll over” (why did it sound like she was a dog?)…the Gymini was her favorite place to lay around and coo and bat at her little toys. But once she was able to sit up,  the days of the playmat were over. Lucky for today’s kids (and moms), they don’t have to outgrow  the Gymini concept so quickly. Tiny Love’s Gymini Bouncer replicates that same playtime experience for older babies with a comfortable seat and activity arch. What’s different about this bouncer is that the toys slide up and down (instead of side to side), so your little one can truly flex his muscles. We like that the arches are positioned on the sides of the bouncer seat, so we can lift her out–and gaze into those baby blues–without any obstruction.

In a Nutshell: Graduating from one Gymini to the next helps the fun last even longer for your little one.

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