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Upside Downton Abbey 1

across the pond: sesame street goes to downton abbey

My 4-year-old has taken a renewed interest in Sesame Street–and with good reason. Today marked the beginning of the beloved children’s TV show’s 43rd season, kicking off with a tongue-in-cheek episode that moms and dads were bound to enjoy. In “Upside Downton Abbey,” everything keeps falling to the ceiling. How to fix things? By changing the name to Right Side Upton Abbey, of course. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the spoof earlier today, you can check it out on YouTube. And that’s not the only fun in store for the Sesame gang this season; upcoming guest stars include Jon Hamm, Gordon Joseph Levitt, Melissa McCarthy, Paula Patton and Kareem Abdul Jabar. Sounds like a good time to us walnuts.

In a Nutshell: Everyone’s favorite kids’  TV show sets itself up for another promising season, with plenty of star power and educational content.

Upside Downton Abbey 1



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Elmo's Favorite Things 3D Box Art (2)

raindrops on roses: elmo’s favorite things DVD

It doesn’t take much to realize that Elmo still resonates with little kids. A quick glance at the minivan ahead of me on the preschool drop-off line confirms his unmistakeable furry frame, whooping it up on the small screen. (What did moms do before the days of portable DVD players?). Because my girls were often too impatient to wait for “Elmo’s World,” their favorite part of “Sesame Street,”  we often turned it on to catch the last 10 minutes of the show. If your kids clamor for that lovable red monster too, they’ll be delighted by the prospect of having all Elmo, all the time in his newest DVD. “Elmo’s Favorite Things” features eight popular EW segments–over 2 hours of Elmo entertainment. EW regulars already know how well the format works: Elmo introducing said topic, followed by nuggets of fun facts and of course, the antics of none other than Mr. Noodle. Featured segments include Birthdays, Pets, Dinosaurs, Schools and the DVD premiere of Building Things.  These digestible vignettes are perfect for short attention spans, not to mention long car rides. So, the next time your preschooler needs his Elmo fix, you can pull out this DVD. “Elmo’s Favorite Things” will be available beginning February 7th.

In a Nutshell: A modern-day Julie Andrews? Hmmm…maybe not exactly. But “Elmo’s Favorite Things” tops the charts on preschool play lists any day…hands (er, paws) down!

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100th-Day nokia_

elmo celebrates school: sesame street app

One week into the New Year, and it’s already almost time for the 100th Day of School (for most kids, it takes place later this month). How apropos then that everyone’s favorite furry, red monster has his own interactive book app out, just in time to celebrate. Specially designed for Nokia Smartphones, the 100th Day of School takes Elmo, Abby Cadabby and the rest of the Sesame gang through a fun-filled day of learning with more than half the school year behind them. Kids will love hearing Elmo ask them questions about the story as they touch the screen. If you’re using this app along with your kids, check out the text-highlighting feature that indicates which words are being read aloud. This free download is a great one for preschoolers who can’t get enough Elmo–and need a more age-appropriate alternative to their big brother’s Angry Birds.

In a Nutshell: Elmo loves school, and now he’s got another app to prove it. The 100th Day of School is a virtual class party that can be played long after school has let out.

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SS Ready Set Grover FOB_DS

wii for wee folk

My 3-year-old tries to be like her big sister in so many ways. She mimics what she says and how she says it, she sings the same songs (eat your heart out, Katy Perry) and she so desperately wants to join her in playing Wii. Sadly, yoga and go kart racing doesn’t exactly appeal to the average preschooler, so she has been forced to watch her sister and dad from the sidelines…until now, that is. We recently got our furry paws on a copy of Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover!, a video game for the Wii and Nintendo DS, and let’s just say she has found her idea of true blue heaven. Right off the bat, the ultra plush remove cover in the likeness of the lovable furry monster is especially designed to keep little digits focused on the game play, and not distracted by which button to push when. The message of developing eating healthy may be a tough pill for Cookie Monster-loving kids to swallow, but the game play itself is so much fun, kids may not even realize they’re absorbing this idea. My two daughters both had a blast moving their bodies as they helped monsters drop good-for-you food into their bowls as it was being hurled toward them. Factoids about how drinking milk is good for your teeth and bones are added in for flavor, making these teachable moments. Our best laugh-out-loud experience? When Elmo flew through the air towards us, that he practically landed in our family room. After all, belly laughter is good for digestion, too.

In a Nutshell: Little ones can join in on the fun of console video games at a speed and style that’s all their own.

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Elmo Arms open_3 (2)

happy birthday, elmo

When your child thinks of his favorite childhood friend, don’t be surprised if he mentions a particular red furry friend. I know my toddler would count him among one of her best stuffed buddies. Not sure who I’m referring to? Why, it’s none other than Elmo who celebrates his birthday today. In honor of this guy’s special day, Sesame Workshop is culling favorite memories of Elmo fans big and small to post on Elmo’s Facebook page. Did your first-born carry his Elmo doll around with him, wherever he went? Did your little one reserve a spot for Elmo at the dinner table? Maybe singing “Elmo’s World” was the only way to coax your daughter into the tub. No matter the memory, we invite you to share your comments either on Elmo’s page or right here at The Talking Walnut.

In a Nutshell: We wish Elmo a very happy birthday and many returns. And, as the red furry little guy might say himself, “Elmo says thank you.”

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