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PullUps_BigKidApp (2)

next-gen potty-training: pull-ups big kid app

As a kid, my potty seat was as low tech as it gets: a wooden seat with a smiling bunny on the back and a pull-out plastic pot for easy clean-up. Exciting, eh? Innovation in the toilet-training area continues to make leaps and bounds that I can hardly keep up with, like the potty seat that works with your iPad. What could possibly be next? Well, if you’re pulling your hair out over your training-resistant toddler, consider yet another electronic gadget your partner in crime on the war against wet bums. Huggies has created the Pull-ups Big Kid App, a free, downloadable app that celebrates those moments when peeing and pooping are your child’s greatest achievement (don’t laugh; you know how god-awful frustrating it can be!). When plain, old reward stickers just aren’t getting the job done and you’d resort to practically anything to get your kid to use the toilet, then this tool may be a godsend for you. As your child uses the bathroom more frequently, he can collect stars that give him access to fun games featuring his favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Rapunzel. And when your little one really need some motivation, there’s a special feature that enables surprise phone calls from Disney friends to encourage them to keep trying. (Whoever knew a little mouse had such a big influence?)  This app even includes themed photo frames, so you can capture the moment and share the good news with Dad while he’s at the office. Hmmmm…maybe now you won’t mind as much when your toddler is begging to play with your iPhone…

In as Nutshell: Your smartphone just got a whole lot smarter. This potty-training app aims to help kids “take aim” and ditch those diapers once and for all.

PullUps_BigKidApp (2)



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PAD-POTTY_1_main shot

pee (or poop) and play: iPotty for iPad

Just when we thought we’d seen it all in the world of baby products, we’re knocked off our rockers. Debuting at this week’s big Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the iPotty for the iPad has officially entered the potty-training sphere. At first glance, it may seem your average potty seat…but look closer and you’ll see a built-in case for your iPad at perfect viewing range for seated tots. So now when it’s time to go, your toddler can plunk down on his seat, tune into his favorite app and play away as you wait for the magic to happen. (And here we thought singing potties were all the rage!) Good luck getting him off the pot once his business is done…



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weepod (2)

poop positive: prince lionheart weepod basix

If you’ve been keeping tabs on The Talking Walnut lately, you know we’re in the throes of potty-training a rather stubborn 3-year-old. This kid has been plied with everything from pink cookies–reserved especially for taking care of business when we’re not at home–to the stuffed animal of her choice when her rewards chart is completed (I now have more stickers in my possession than a kindergarten teacher). Because this child marches to the beat of her own drum, moving her to the next step (from a potty chair to a cushioned seat) takes a bit of negotiating…followed by the simple act of outsmarting her. This time, we weren’t involved teddy bears, sweets or any other special something. Instead, we magically revealed the weePOD Basix one day and waited to let nature take its course. “Look,” I enthused, as I unwrapped the cushioned potty seat from its box. “It’s your own special potty seat.” “It’s called a toilet seat,” responded the ever-sharp preschooler. (Yeah, yeah. Tomato, to-mato, kid.) “And it’s just for ME!!” Was that a vote of enthusiasm I had just heard? Rather than look a gift-horse in the mouth, I helped this little one drop her pants and climb up. “It’s soft and squishy,” she noted, getting used to the feel of this seat. Not that I’m envious or anything, but I must admit that the comfort of this seat is a great way to entice a reluctant child to giving it a try. Once she successfully finished her bathroom business, I wiped the seat clean and stowed it away for next time. Well, let’s just say that we’re still at it, but at least we’re one step closer to being a big girl.

In a Nutshell: Rome wasn’t built in a day and, despite what the experts say, sometimes potty-training takes longer than you think. Once your trainer in residence is ready to graduate from a floor model to a potty seat, make sure you have this extra-soft seat on hand.

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Poopourri_Super Dooper Sprays Combo (2)

spray ‘n go: poo-pourri potty spray

Potty-training simply isn’t pretty. It doesn’t matter if you have adorable reward stickers of smiley faces and kittens, or ruffle-trimmed undies to entice your little one to do her business in the bathroom. Sometimes, kids just don’t want to go when they have to go (sometimes?). If you hit any bumps in the road in that otherwise smooth journey from potty to panties, you’ll appreciate any little clever little tricks to get the job done. We’re getting a kick out of the Super Dooper Pooper Before-You-Go Spray from Poo~Pourri. (If you’re an astute Walnut reader, that name may ring a bell since we reported on their Poo~Pourri Santa spray just last month.) Super-sensitive tots who turn up their cute little noses at the slightest unpleasant odor will love the idea of “scenting” their seat before sitting down. Simply mist the spray, let them do their thing and flush. You’ll instantly smell the citrus notes of grapefruit, orange and ylang-ylang; these scents are not only pleasing on little nostrils, but they produce a calming effect during this somewhat stressful part of parenting. Who wouldn’t benefit from a little aromatherapy, anyway?

In a Nutshell: Potty-training got you down? Perhaps one spray of this uplifting scent may just get your little one to go more often. And if the stress of it all makes you want to pack your bags, the glorious citrus smell will make you feel like you’re in sunny Florida…even if it’s only in your mind.

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Uncle Milton Dino Poop

the scoop on poop

The mere thought of potty training brings me down. If I wanted to spend my time cleaning up messy, little piles of do-do, I’d have gotten a dog. And yet I’ve successfully mastered this feat with my older daughter, so doesn’t that make me a pro? Nevertheless, it’s something all moms must roll up their sleeves (really) and teach their kids, and one that I’ll be taking on later this spring. Until then, we’re having a blast “experimenting” with Dino Poop, modeling clay inspired by TV’s “Dinosaur Train” that lets kids investigate exactly what makes up a dinosaur’s diet. This brown ball of poop-like dough comes with bone and plant pieces that kids simply press into the clay to create fossil imprints. Was your T-Rex ravenous and devoured an entire school of fish? Or did he just settle for a light lunch of leafy greens? It’s a clever way of jump-starting little ones on science as they learn the difference between a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. What’s that? You learned something, too? We love a toy that spans generations with an education in prehistoric poop. Time to go dust off the potty seat…

In a Nutshell: All pooped out? Here’s how to have a little fun with your kid before you go back to tackling the bigger stuff.

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