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TinyTinkers_Tiny Gardener sm (3)

whatever you want to be: tinytinkers

What do you wanna be when you grow up? To a child, the possibilities are endless; for the rest of us…well, there’s always a second act. All kidding aside, we all know that playing dress-up is part of being a kid; trying on different personas is a safe way to experiment what it’s like to be someone else. But just because it’s time to put the tiara or sword away for the day doesn’t mean the pretending has to stop. A new line of baby/kids’ clothes embraces the need for little kids to express themselves through their clothing in a way that is as fashionable as it is fun. TinyTinkers features a variety of styles for 12 months-4T that show off a dream job or hobby. Each piece is adorned with special photographic imagery that makes it appear as though it were three-dimensional: a gardener’s belt is bursting with tools, a chef’s apron is filled with utensils ready to pop onto the counter. Whatever interest your tot gravitates toward, let them wear their heart on their sleeve. Or, if they are still impressionable, choose a style for them and live vicariously. After all, you’re young only once….right?

In a Nutshell: Clothes that pop with personality is the fashion du jour for this playful line of one-pieces, rompers, tees and dresses for babies and toddlers.

TinyTinkers_Tiny Gardener sm (3)TinyTinkers Tiny_musician_sm (3)TinyTinkers_Little Baker sm (3)



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summer style: lolly wolly doodle kids’ clothes

My mailbox has been overflowing with catalogs, many of them filled with kids’ summer clothing. I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again: I loovvveee looking at clothes for my two girls. It’s so much more fun to check out all the playful ensembles rather than agonize over bathing suits for me (sigh). To help you get a jump on the summer sales season, Lolly Wooly Doodle, an online children’s clothing e-tailer, is having a mega Memorial Day sale. Beginning Thursday, May 23 through Tuesday, May 28, shoppers will get 30 % off everything when using special promo code SAS2013. There are plenty of fun pieces for babies through kids, boys and girls. Check it out, and happy shopping!


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Babiators + Masala Baby (2)

bring on the spring: babiators + masala giveaway

Where did the sun go? These gray, winter days make me long for warmer weather and now that it’s finally March, there’s thankfully an end in sight. To help get you into the spirit, Babiators, makers of kids’ sunglasses, and Masala Baby, a kids’ clothing designer, are teaming up to offer a Spring Break Giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a pair of Babiators sunglasses and a $50 gift certificate good towards the purchase of Masala clothing. To enter, just like Babiators and Masala Baby’s Facebook pages and post a comment on Babiators’ Spring Break Giveaway some time between today and March 15.

Good luck!

Babiators + Masala Baby (2)


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Heather Gray Tickle me-003

whiz kid wear: geekie kids’ clothing

As I write this, my 8-year-old is doing her math homework. A natural with numbers, she devours three-digit addition and polishes off regrouping like nobody’s business. Let’s just say she didn’t inherit the math gene from me…although both her uncle and grandfather (on my side) may account for some of her braininess (I just take credit for her way with words). Amazing, though, how all these years later, it’s still not cool as it could be for girls to love math. Even after the recent publication of Danica McKellar’s (a.k.a. “Winnie” from “The Wonder Years”) books touting math’s cool factor, I don’t see young girls running out to buy their own calculator. Maybe if we as parents found a way to recognize those kids who have a knack for numbers–and I don’t just meaning displaying that A+ math test on the fridge. Because I know just how to speak my daughter’s language, I get my own kick out of subtly influencing her wardrobe choices, especially when they reflect her brightness. The new fall/winter Geekie clothing line taps into that inner genius by letting kids proclaim their smart side fashionable. From hoodies to long- and short-sleeved Ts, this collection offers a relaxed sense of style and comfort, but with an edge to it. Sized for toddlers up through boys/girls 12, there’s plenty of room to grow.

In a Nutshell: We heart smarties. Now kids can let the world know that there’s brains behind all that beauty with this geek-friendly collection.




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DSC_0265 copy

rain maker: hoodebaby

Like you, we’re wondering if Mother Nature has the same calendar we do. In March, it felt like May and in May, we’ve seen the April showers that never quite made it on time. If you’re as tired as we are of making a mad dash to the bus stop with a fully clad younger sibling in tow, you’ll love the line of Rainwear Hoodebaby as much as we do. This easy-on, easy-off rainy day-inspired hoodie is the perfection solution to getting out the door in time, minus the battle scars (you know the ones we mean…”I want to wear my fireman hat and my fireman jacket…”). There are no buttons, zippers or snaps to wrestle with. Made from BPA- and lead-free laminated cotton and cotton flannel, the cheery, playful prints are in sharp contrast to those dreary, rain-soaked days (not to mention your toddler’s stormy mood). And once the clouds have parted and made way for the sun once again, this rainwear does double duty in the dress-up box. Call it a poncho in a pinch, if you like; we’re calling it plain genius.

In a Nutshell: “Rain, rain, come and stay.” You’ll be singing a new tune when your happy tot dons one of these the next time it pours.


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SlickSugar_KeepMusicAliveBabyHR (2)

let the music play

What kid doesn’t love music? Even from an early age, young children benefit from its calming effects and as they grow, they learn about the powerful influence of rhythm, melody and harmony on the sounds they make. My girls are fortunate enough to be exposed to music both in the classroom and at home, but everyone is not so lucky. Because of massive cuts in education budgets across the country, often the first thing to disappear from curriculum is the arts. If you’re one who can’t live without your iPod, imagine the thousands of children who may not be able to experience the timbre of timpani or the harmony produced by dueling harmonicas. Because no child should be deprived of such sounds, we feel the need to wear our heart on our sleeves–literally-and profess our passion for music education. To this end, our friends at SlickSugar have partnered with non-profit Little Kids Rock to create a special edition children’s T-shirt whose proceeds go to benefit underfunded public schools. The cotton tees for boys and girls sizes 6 months-5/6 feature a guitar and little bird singing around the Little Kids Rock slogan, “Keep the Music Alive.” We think it’s a great way to make a statement, both fashionably and politically.

In a Nutshell: Music shouldn’t be sacrificed at our kids’ expense. Help keep future generations schooled in reading, writing, ‘rithmetic and rhythm with these rock-ready tees.

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6110-print_iNTAKT i

clothes that make the boy

A friend has been lamenting about her latest parenting frustration: what to dress her son in. Even though he’s only in second grade, he’s already developed an opinion about what’s hot–and what’s not (and apparently, Mom just isn’t in on the up and up). Just when you thought clothing was only a battle zone for mothers and daughters, we have entered neutral territory. And while there are plenty of stylish labels devoted to girls, there aren’t as many boy brands that moms and their sons can agree on. This past spring, The Talking Walnut reported on a boys’ graphic T trend that is hit across the board. Since then, we’ve noticed another new name joining the ranks of this fashion movement: iNTAKT caters to young boys (ages 12 months-7 years) who want to look cool without acting like they care. Call it Joe Cool Jr., if you will. The line will launch in January with its spring/summer 2012 collection, which includes hoodies, long shorts and–you guessed it–skate, surf and street pop tees. Standouts include terry shorts with a rough-cut bottom and a polo shirt in a paint splatter print. The look is hip, modern and fresh, and we can’t imagine any boy putting up a fight when it getting dressed.

In a Nutshell: Boys will wish they could fast-forward straight to next summer with this ready-to-wear line of casual duds.

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Chi Chi Baby Tees (2)-2

she’s got personality

Both my girls have already discovered the art of expressing themselves, and it’s not just through their artwork. My 7-year-old loves to don a pair of sparkly sunglasses or anything bearing a peace sign, while the 3-year-old has figured out that she exudes coolness if she sports Snoopy attire (don’t worry, tomorrow it’ll be Hello Kitty or some other character of the moment). Maybe that’s why graphic T-shirts are all the rage these days, showing up everywhere from runways to kids’ clothing catalogs. The latest line to catch our eye is from Chi Chi Baby, featuring 11 distinct prints for sizes 2T-5T. With bold prints that proclaim hip lingo like “wild child” and “rock star,” both boys and girls will gravitate to these stylish shirts, just in time for back to school. And the word on the street is that Chi Chi’s collection is getting such rave reviews, we may soon see T’s available in larger sizes. Little fashionistas everywhere can only hope…

In a Nutshell: Class Picture Day is just around the corner and your little diva is ready for her close-up in these ever-cool T’s.

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Haddad Bloggers

fashionistas wanted

Kids and clothes….now there’s a favorite topic among today’s parents. If you’re looking for an argument waiting to happen, you’ve got it. Sometimes, trying to win the “battle of the morning outfit” is much like trying to dig out from under all this snow; try as hard as you might, you get practically nowhere! Maybe that’s why it was so meaningful to bond over bagels with like-minded moms (and dads) at yesterday’s Haddad Mommy Bloggers Brunch in NYC. (That’s me, third one from the left.) Together, we lamented over everything from avoiding dressing room try-ons, to the TV shows and movies that influence our kids’ clothing preferences. I’m excited to be part of this team that will be covering fashion trends from Nike and Levi’s brands for babies, boys and girls. Look for the latest in what’s hot in kids’ active wear, denim, accessories and more that we’ll being posting throughout the upcoming months. Chances are, you’re already no stranger to the “you’re wearing that?!” stage–and if it hasn’t happen yet, don’t worry…it will.

In a Nutshell: We love clothes just as much as the next mom…and now we’ll be able to share the scoop on what’s trending with some of our favorite brands.

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