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Folding (Bouncer)_14_LR

space (and sanity) saver seat: quicksmart fold n go bouncer

When my daughter was a baby, you could tell when I was planning to visit my parents simply by gazing into the back of my car. The amount of baby gear rivaled a Babies R Us boutique, if there ever was one. Sandwiched in between my diaper bag and umbrella stroller was the all-important fish-printed bouncer. Even though it was rather cumbersome and bulky, it was my American Express of baby stuff: I never left home without it. Not only did this seat act as a secure place for my just-sitting-up babe, but it often gave her the opportunity to doze off, courtesy of its soothing vibrations and bubble-making. Despite its immeasurable value during that first year, that seat and I had a love/hate relationship. On my ride home from Grandma’s, you could find me silently swearing at its massive frame that obstructed my rear view. Couldn’t I find something that wasn’t a towering mass of metal? Today’s new moms won’t have to commit internal road rage, thanks to a new bouncer seat that knows its place. QuickSmart’s Fold N Go Bouncer delivers on its promise to keep baby gear compact. In a matter of seconds, this soft seat folds in half and its metal legs tuck underneath the frame, resulting in a flat, portable seat that can assume a suitable spot for itself in your car, in a suitcase or anywhere space is tight. The flexible design doesn’t compromise on function, either. All the bells and whistles of a standard bouncer –3-point safety harness, 3 levels of music/vibrations and machine-washable fabric on the seat– are accounted for. Finally, a baby seat that lives up to its name. And one that doesn’t mess with my view.

In a Nutshell: Baby gear that’s small on space, but big on versatility. We’re sold on a compact seat that gives us some extra breathing room (and cargo space).

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Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper reclined

sit ‘n snooze: tiny love 3-in-1 rocker napper

Delicate, precise handiwork isn’t only necessary for surgeons and craftspeople; it’s also crucial for moms of sleeping babies. I remember when my almost 4-year-old would finally conk out in her bouncy seat or swing. I was absolutely terrified to move her, for fear of disturbing her precious shut-eye–and me having to contend with a very unhappy baby. (And this was my second kid, so my fear factor should tell you something.) How cool would it have been to have an infant seat that doubles as a safe sleeping spot. My baby wouldn’t have to fall asleep in an uncomfortable, upright position–and I wouldn’t have to agonize whether or not to wake her. Well, Tiny Love has solved this dilemma with its new 3-in-1 Rocker Napper. Aside from the standard bouncer seat bells and whistles–toy bar, music box and mobile–this seat turns into a fully reclined, bassinet-like sleeping spot with raised sides for extra security. No more cramped neck muscles, or endless fretting that your little one will fuss if you attempt to transfer her. And because the Rocker Napper can accommodate babies up to 40 lbs., we imagine this seat will become a nursery mainstay.

In a Nutshell: “Never wake a sleeping baby.” Now you can follow Mom’s sage advice with a clear conscience, thanks to this multitasking baby seat.

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cradle of love: bloom coco rosso

Today, on our weekly supermarket jaunt, my 3-year-old and I were treated to a display of hearts-shaped place mats, cupid cookie cutters and all things red and pink. That can only mean that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you happen to be the proud parent of a new bundle of joy, or have a best bud who’s expecting, it’s time to introduce that little babe to the good life with an infant seat she’ll simply love. Bloom’s limited edition coco rosso rocker may be designed for a baby, but it definitely has grown-up appeal. We love that it looks as comfortable as it feels, thanks to a specially designed Plexistyle soft seat. The 5-point harness ensures that your little one stays put, even as she rocks herself to sleep. The coco rosso doesn’t sport any fancy bells and whistles, lights or sounds. If you’re looking for one baby product that fits in with the rest of your contemporary home decor, the coco rosso is it.

In a Nutshell: A sweetheart of a baby gift, the sleek lines of this stylish infant seat make it baby gear you’ll be proud to showcase.

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iFeel Solo HiFi_6 17 11 (2)

a baby breather

Whenever I need to “take a moment,” I head to my favorite indoor spot (that is, if I can’t make it to the beach): a makeshift window seat in my bedroom that looks out onto a pond. The very combination of the scenery and idea of being able to retreat to a safe haven instantly lowers my blood pressure and returns me to a calmer state of mind. When you’re a baby and the entire world is a source of stimulation, noise and activity, you too sometimes just want to take a breather. The I-feel infant rocker is just what little ones are asking for, if they could tell us what they needed. Smooth, sleek lines on this combo metal/wood seat offer a secure place for babies to relax and recline. A thick, padded seat cushion provides plenty of support for those who haven’t quite mastered sitting on their own, while a sweet, plush birdie dangles overhead to delight and amuse those who aren’t quite ready to succumb to Dreamland just yet. There’s MP3  player capabilities and also built-in nature sounds and melodies for your little one’s listening pleasure. When rocking and rolling is no longer desired, a simple kickstand converts this into a stationary seat. And when Baby is ready to move on to somewhere else, the I-feel folds up flat for easy storage. If only I could pack up my window seat so easily…

In a Nutshell: When the world gets to your baby, let her chill out in a cool seat that’s all her own. The I-feel will be available in September.

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