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big apple bundle-up: maclaren buggy blanket

Baby, it’s cold outside…In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be taking in the sights and sounds of the season–and that means dressing for the weather. A huge fan of layers, I always seem to outfit my kids as though they are headed to the tundra instead of suburbia. But regardless of whether you’ll be strolling city streets or hiking through the hills, if you’ve got a little one in tow, that extra layer of warmth will come in handy. This winter, we’ve got our eye on Maclaren’s buggy blankets. These ultra plush, generously sized throws are a love letter to the cityscapes in which they are detailed. From London to Sydney, New York to Paris, each reversible blanket features a detailed map of four of our favorite capital cities that make us feel as refined as these throws are sophisticated. Not only do they keep your baby well-covered as she traverses the globe, but their lively layout may just keep her preoccupied while waiting in line at Macy’s holiday windows. Our favorite, of course, is the NYC blanket, with itsĀ  flip side paying homage to Lady Liberty. NY may be the city that never sleeps, but maybe tucked inside this snuggly stroller blanket, your baby will give you the greatest gift of the holiday season: some shut-eye. Happy Holidays, and to all a good night!

In a Nutshell: Who says a baby blanket can’t make a fashion statement? This stylish one looks and feels great when you’re out on the town.

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gifts to go

When you’re looking to buy something for a girlfriend and her little one, you inevitably wind up making more than one trip to the mall. Now that school has begun and we moms are more time-pressed than usual, we can appreciate a shopping destination that has it all. Enter Layla Grace, an online boutique that recognizes your discriminating taste for gifts that make lasting impressions. Stocked with everything from baby bedding to bubble bath, you’ll find no shortage of ideas for new arrivals, new moms in need of pampering and new homes that beg to be outfitted in style. In our quest for quality merchandise, we were particularly pleased by the Matteo line of linens for the nursery and the dining room (those linen napkins will be the piece de resistance on your holiday table). We’ve no doubt you’ll find something worth savoring.

In a Nutshell: An easy order to fill: gift-giving that doesn’t sacrifice style for convenience. We’ll take two, please.

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polkadotmint_poshblanket300dpi (2)

soft as a baby’s…

When I was a little girl, my dad would often rub my face and exclaim, “Oh, those cheeks!” There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a child’s soft skin, and if spa dollars are any indication of how eager we grown-ups are to return to those days of tender youth, then we know it’s no joke. And when you have a baby, you naturally want only the softest, most delicate things to touch their newborn skin. If you can extend that luxurious feeling well into adulthood, you’ve got it made. We think the folks at The Polka Dot Tot are on to something with their super-soft Posh Blankets. Wondering what lush fabric these handmade blankies are actually made from, we decided to investigate further. The answer? Minky, a plush, microfiber that is known for being incredibly soft to the touch. And we can’t argue with that. But don’t feel that the little person in your life is the only person who can experience Posh Blankets; they range in size from lovey and crib styles, up to adult (measuring at a generous 59 x 72 inches). Prepare yourself for a softness that can’t be beat….unless, of course, it’s your little one’s cheeks.

In a Nutshell: Let Posh Blankets be the security blanket you reluctantly gave up as a kid, but truly never outgrew. Linus would undoubtedly be envious.

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nesting instinct

Outside our kitchen window, a new family of sparrows have created a home for themselves. While my husband installed a birdhouse on top of a high post, it was the mother bird who did the real work of feathering her nest. Each day, she diligently flew back and forth, returning to the house with a beak full of grass and small leaves. My daughters marveled at her dedication and tirelessness…and I was reminded how my own job as a parent isn’t too different from the mother bird’s. Whether clothing our kids or feeding them a nourishing meal, I am trying to be more mindful of taking pleasure in the simple things in life: a warm bath, a good book and a snuggly pair of PJs are all high up on our list these days. When thinking of a special gift for a new baby or big brother/sister, the Birdhouse PJ Box is a thoughtful way to welcome a new arrival by evoking the comforts of home. Playfully packaged inside a cardboard birdhouse comes a set of cotton pajamas, along with a plush bird toy. Not only are the PJs soft and sweet, but the box doubles as a playhouse for any lucky doll or stuffed animal (including the birdie). As a busy mom myself, I can always appreciate a smartly packaged present that saves me the time and aggravation of gift-wrapping. And that leaves lots more time to do other things…like birdwatching.

In a Nutshell: Our resident fine feathered friends have inspired us to look for more meaning in our gifts: ones that evoke comfort, coziness and home.

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present with panache

When my daughter was born, a friend and colleague sent me a memorable gift: a painting of a clothes line featuring little girls’ dresses with my daughter’s name inscribed below. Packaged in a cellophane gift bag and tied with a bow that matched the gingham check in one of the dresses, this gift was more than just personable. It demonstrated creativity and forethought…something that I wish I had more of as a mom. I know that when I’m giving a special gift to a friend, I want her to know–just by looking at it–that I put thought into my selection. So when I come across a baby gift line that features high-end materials and matching accessories, it earns points in my book. New to this realm is pkboo kids, makers of coordinating changing pads, bibs, totes and burp cloths. Each item in this vintage-inspired collection is handcrafted and outfitted in fresh, modern prints of poppies, lilies and clovers. We got our hands on the Poppy Bib (shown here) and appreciated the bold graphics and generously sized neck opening, not to mention the easy-access Velcro closure. Because each of the three floral-focused fabrics coordinates with existing products in the ensemble, you can mix and match or choose a standalone item. Either way, you’ve got the makings of a baby present worth presenting.

In a Nutshell: Not all baby gifts are head turners. Here’s a line-up that will make gift givers and recipients stand up and take notice.

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