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RUUM Flag Graphic T_girls

red, white and true blue: venettini, ruum kids

Happy May! Today, I saw that our town already posted signs announcing its annual Memorial Day parade festivities. That can only mean that the unofficial start to summer is not far off. To get our readers into the spirit, we’re paying tribute to the grand ol’ US of A with a few fashion finds that will help update your kids’ wardrobe sensibly and patriotically. Little girls can put their best feet forward with Venettini’s Savor shoe. These buttery-soft blue patent leather loafers give a kick to any everyday ensemble, even if it’s not a holiday. They may not be made of suede, but we think even Elvis would have approved of this fetching pair. And no patriotic celebration would be complete without a tee that proudly proclaims “I Heart the USA.” RUUM American Kid’s Wear, a new line for babies through age 14, is tailor-made for the casual kid who loves to flaunt his or her stylish side. We’re partial to this flag graphic tee, which borders on preppy with a fitted, polished look. Add shorts and sunglasses, and your kid will be set for any summer BBQ or holiday celebration–including parades.

In a Nutshell: Cute and casual is the order of the day, whether it’s Memorial Day, Independence Day or any day.

55-PENNY BLUE CELL BLUE NEON S165RUUM Flag Graphic T_girls


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Layette Set_Lilli Bell

signature style: vera bradley baby

I admit that I’m not much of a  personal shopper, but when it comes to kids’ clothes, I can’t resist. This time of year, our mailbox has been stuffed with catalogs ranging from Growing Up Garnet Hill , to crewcuts. I love every minute of paging through the glossy spreads and perusing the frilly frocks, sweet sundresses and tons of stylish warm weather items. Maybe all these clothes remind me of my own teen years, as I lay sprawled across my canopy bed with magazines like Sassy, Seventeen and YM checking out all the back-to-school possibilities. Or maybe it’s because checking out kid stuff is so much more satisfying than all those women’s swimsuit catalogs that quickly find their way into the recycling bin (thanks, but no thanks). Shopping for my girls is almost like building a wardrobe for a new baby, and with the Vera Bradley Baby brand debuting  this spring, it’s more fun than ever to welcome a bundle of joy. We were tickled pink to get our hands on the VB Baby look book this week. From bibs to bodysuits, plush bunnies to diaper bags, each item embodies the true Vera Bradley style in a signature floral print. As a gift giver, I try to put myself in the place of the recipient, wondering what would would catch her eye if she were the one doing the shopping. I know from experience that most new moms not only appreciate the practicality–will I use this gift?–but the presentation. And Vera Bradley Baby does not disappoint in either department. Sweet first shoes are accented with soft bows, while stylish bibs in a patterned print are poised to stand up to any pureed veggies (what’s the point of a white bib, anyway)? As we usher in the season of spring, baby showers and of course, all those new babies, we’re predicting the VB Baby line will go far, appealing to dedicated fans (like my mother-in-law and my niece) and attracting a new generation of fashion-forward babes. The Vera Bradley Baby collection will arrive in stores on March 14.

In a Nutshell: Welcome to the world, Vera Bradley Baby! The quilted handbags powerhouse moves into kiddie territory with an entire product line that’s as sweet as it is stylish.

Layette Set_Lilli Bell





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these boots are made for talkin': hugrz boot wraps

My niece has a foot fetish. Well, maybe not exactly, but she does love her shoes and is often “borrowing” what she doesn’t have from her sister and mom.  Taking a cue from “The Carrie Diaries,” perhaps, or maybe just being a typical teen? Whatever her rationale, her penchant for posh footwear doesn’t come cheap, so it’s not easy to build a wardrobe when you’re on a budget. Fashionistas in the know have that problem solved, thanks to a line of footwear accessories that give new life to tired tootsies. Hugrz boot wrappers are the hip, new way to update your winter shoes without having to invest in multiple purchase. (Who can afford more than one pair of UGGS, anyhow?) Not matter your mood, there’s a line of Hugerz for you. From the fur-inspired Aspen Collection, to the hipster Bennington brand and the Santa Fe line that lets you bring out your wild side, each wrap offers a playful look that lets you dress up for that special occasion or go casual effortlessly. Now that’s a wrap!

In a Nutshell: Fashionable footwear that really goes the distance. Oh, and they look great, too.


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steppin’ out with my baby: flip out sandals

Do you have a Mini Me in your house? My almost 8-year-old is (already!) embarrassed to hear people say she looks a bit like me, and yet my preschooler, who’s a dead ringer for my husband, enjoys pretending she’s Mommy. I can’t help but chuckle when she stylishly drapes one of my old silk scarves (now relegated to the dress-up box) across her shoulders, or when she shoves her tootsies into my favorite flats and clomps around the room. I still haven’t given up on my second grader just yet, though. As she slowly starts her descent away from parental influence, I figure maybe I can subtly influence her taste in a few things here and there. Like, for instance, her choice in footwear. Lucky for me, FlipOut Sandals has a new Mommy & Me Matching Flip Flops line that’s hip enough for budding fashionistas. Once you and she decide on a coordinating color (pink, white or black), you can customize your sandals with a bit of bling: sparkly crystal shoe jewelry, from strawberries to sweethearts. And after she’s outgrown that particular shoe size, she can save the jewelry and add it to a new pair.  Maybe by then, she’ll admit you know a thing or two about style after all. Or, at the very least, you can fool her into thinking the flip flops were her choice. Parenting….it’s a sneaky job, but someone’s gotta do it.

In a Nutshell: The kids-and-clothes debate. With these flip flops, you can take it one step at a time…literally.

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Shaun White flipflops

from snowboard to surfboard

If you’ve got a teenage boy in your life, chances are he knows Shaun White by name. The uber-cool snowboarder/skateboarder/Olympic gold medalist has taken his fancy footwear and applied it to an apparel line that fittingly now includes flip flops. The Shaun White collection embodies the spirit of this sportsman with sleek lines, bold graphics and style that any boy would be willing to sport himself. Just in time for warmer weather are flip flops that make a statement without calling too much attention to their owner (you know how sensitive cool guys can be). Paired with a hoodie sweatshirt, graphic tee and cargo shorts (all part of the new collection), your guy is bound to catch some serious attention, wherever he roams.

In a Nutshell: Summer’s coming and your little guy is desperately in need of some new duds. Available at Target, this apparel collection will suit him to a T.

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pediped adventure line

stepping out in style

The birds are chirping and daffodil stems are pushing their way up through the muddy soil. Yup, it’s spring and we’re noticing our own signs of warmer weather, particularly in kids’ shoes. Mary Janes are back, but with a updated, fresh style that has celebrity kids like Suri Cruise (shown here) and Valentina Hayek sporting their own pair. If these Hollywood starlets are looking for some other suggestions, we’d got a couple. Venettini has a new line of classic Mary Janes that are real head-turners. We love the polished look that tops off any outfit, just in time for Easter Sunday dresses. On a more playful note, we’re also excited about a new collection from pediped that lets kids be…well, kids. The Adventure Line is a lightweight, more flexible shoe than other waterproof kid shoes we’ve seen. Not only is there a Mary Jane (dubbed the Nile), but a fetching athletic sandal named the Amazon for both boys and girls. We love a shoe that lives up to its name; an Amazon on the playground is a powerhouse that demands durability, not to mention good looks. Both styles come in a vibrant color palette.

In a Nutshell: Swing into spring with kid shoes that will last longer than the season, but look and feel as glorious as that first warm, sunny day.

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fabulous footwear

When the new year rolls around, I always think of fresh starts. And right up there with my purchases that celebrate that “out with the old, in with the new” mantra are,  you guessed it, shoes. (After all, do we really need an excuse to buy a new pair?) This year, however, I’m looking at some newer additions to my closet (and my kids’ wardrobe) that do more than keep our tootsies toasty. Adding a little “oomph” to my tried-and-true, but tired moccasins collection is this silver glitter pair from TOMS. Not only are they festive and comfortable, but buying them will put some warmth in your heart: for every pair purchased, the company donates shoes to a child in need (yes, they also offer stylish shoes for men and children). Speaking of the kiddies, we’re also looking toward spring when we can finally put away those winter boots and break out a fresh pair of walking shoes. (Is it just me or are you also tired of seeing your kids in sneakers all the time?) I love the look, feel and buttery smell of leather mocs from Venettini. Their kids’ shoes come in lovely pastel shades that beg of warm, sunny days ahead, but we can also appreciate the universal appeal of neutral shades like these grey crocodile patent leather ones.

In a Nutshell: Nothing says new year like a brand spanking new pair of shoes. Celebrate 2011 in style and give something back with these smart purchases.

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back to the grind

It’s that time of year yet again. Time to trade in the crocs for crayons, the bathing suit for the backpack…you get the picture. If your kid is less than thrilled about the thought of returning to school (all that homework and getting up early…what’s not to like?), it helps to add a little fun to her daily routine. Here’s just a sampling of new gear that is almost too cool for school: Juicy Couture heads to the classroom with a bunch of new accessories. We’ve got our eye on the Juicy Couture wireless keyboard in signature pink. Typing a term paper is less ho hum when the keys are in script!…Need a place to keep track of who’s going to ballet lessons when and what time that dentist appointment is? We’ve got our eye on the WallCandy Arts Peel-and-Stick Chalkboard. It may look like the one hanging up in school, but it’s actually a peel-and-stick board that goes on any room in the house where info needs to be front and center. These boards are available in a variety of designs, including animals, a school bus and an apple (pictured here)…If you’ve got an active preschooler on your hands, you know that running and playing go hand in hand. Without the right kind of shoes, all that rough-and-tumble playing can lead to more skinned knees than you’d like. The pediped Grip ‘n’ Go footwear line is just what your active tot needs to get around. The soles are thin and the shoes’ rounded edges are designed to resemble a child’s foot. A soft interior let little tootsies grip the floor better, meaning fewer spills–and tears.

In a Nutshell: Make back-to-school shopping less of a chore; these practical, yet fun purchases make the grade.

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Polka Dot Brown (4)

these booties are made for walkin’

While I’ll admit I’ve grown tired of getting my girls ready for a day at the beach–bathing suits, suntan lotion, hats and water shoes…check!–I know that my least favorite season of all will be here before we know it. The struggle of trying to pull winter boots on little feet that won’t seem to bend is infuriating, to say the least! And even after all that hard labor, snow and slush still manage to creep inside, prompting cries of “I wanna go inside!” almost instantaneously. (I try to follow my mom’s old rule of having to stay outside for at least the same amount of time it spent getting bundled up…) I guess that’s why it takes a Canadian mother to design a pair of kids boots meant to withstand the toughest elements. Booties are your answer to winter weather footwear for babies and toddlers. First off, there’s no more tug of war with these boots, which go on easily and have plenty of room for growing tootsies. What we like are the adjustable toggles–two sets at the calves and ankles–to ensure a snug fit. And that means more time outdoors and less time moaning over wet feet.

In a Nutshell: Don’t let badly designed boots put a dampener on winter weather fun. These little kid boots let you concentrate on snowman building instead of ice-cold tootsies.

US FB Tab 520x376

baby products bonanza

Summer may be winding down, but it’s not truly over ’til the fat lady sings…or is it when the baby cries? Yes, we know that some days, it feels like your little one’s tears will never dry up, the sun will never shine again and you’ll never have another adult conversation ! Well, maybe it’s not all that bad. But for days like these, wouldn’t it be nice to receive a treat (even if it is for your kid)? Four ultra hip baby products companies, Mutsy, Kushies, kokopax and pediped are teaming up to bring you the Hot Summer Fun for Baby Giveaway with prizes valued at $1,000. You can enter to win stroller gear, toys, a baby carrier and even new shoes for your little one (and you know how fast they outgrow those!). Just click on the link highlighted in this post or on the graphic below where you’ll be asked to join Mutsy’s Facebook page. And then cross your fingers…

In a Nutshell: Take a break from kiddie pool duty, sign on to Facebook and see if you can’t win a few summertime treats for your brood.

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