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come to mama: shaikoo hands free baby towel

When my girls were babies, tub time was awesome: the squeaky toys, the sweet-smelling soap, and of course, all those bubbles. It was a blast…until, of course, it was time to get out. It wasn’t that my girls protested too much, but rather that I couldn’t quite get a handle on them (literally). Even more challenging was trying to open up a big bath towel and then transfer them out of the bath. I either had to lay them down on the floor (ouch!) or gamble with an unsafe spot (on top of the clothes hamper? No thank you!). Thanks to a newly invented mom product, this dilemma is no longer an issue at bathtime. Shaikoo is billed as a hands-free baby towel and it’s exactly just that. The towel works by fastening the Velcro tabs around your neck (almost like you’re wearing it) and then wrapping your baby snugly inside it (check out the demo here: The generously-sized, soft cotton terry cloth towel features hand pockets that become a snugly hood for covering baby’s wet head without any fuss. And just like that, your baby is clean, dry and safely out of the tub. And you’ve got a dry shirt to boot.

In a Nutshell: Getting baby out of the tub just got a whole lot easier, thanks to this cleverly designed bath towel. Shaikoo makes a great baby shower gift.

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fastpass to fun: metrocard rattle by estella

One of my friends is expecting her first baby this winter, and so naturally, I’m shopping for that perfect gift. She’s a city girl and someone who can appreciate the finer things in life. What do you get when you want to distinguish your baby shower present from a sea of adorable outfits, cuddly teddy bears and other baby basics? While I may turn to her registry for something she has already requested, I’d love a gift topper that speaks for itself. Well, after stumbling upon a new line of NYC-themed rattles from Estella, I think my search may be over. These hand-knit first toys are like nothing we’ve seen before. Designed in a variety of urban motifs, including a taxi cab, salted pretzel (of course) and, our favorite, a MetroCard, these rattles are the perfect love letter to the city that never sleeps (something any new mom will be able to relate to…soon enough).

In a Nutshell: We’ll take Manhattan…and tie it up in a bow for the perfect baby gift. Bound to be the talk of the baby shower.



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thrills and chills: just pretend kids enchanted ice princess

Is Frozen fever still alive and well in your house like it is in ours? Amazing how much staying power sisterhood and one cool snowman truly has (sigh…). And with Halloween just a few weeks away, we can only imagine how many Elsas and Annas will be storming the castle–and our neighborhood–later this month. If your kids aren’t ready to give up their thrones anytime soon, but you’re looking for a Halloween costume that’s a little slight departure from the traditional fare, may we present the latest addition to trendy dress-up wardrobes everywhere? The sparking Enchanted Ice Princess  dress is in a class by itself. Its icy blue satin skirt boasts a frozen glittery pattern that will be the envy of the entire kingdom. A fitted bodice and sheer sleeves make a statement without detracting attention from the just-long-enough cape with snowflakes cascading across it. If your little princess prefers to go without, the cape is easily detachable, which makes for easy-breezy trick-or-treating or parading around the play room. Yes, we think this is one outfit that will make make little hearts swoon, and turn your little sweetheart into the belle of the ball.

In a Nutshell: The Frozen frenzy lives on. Here’s your chance to let your kid celebrate her unrelenting princess passion, and still be her own little person.


holiday table-ready: yankee candle scenterpiece

I have always loved setting a holiday table. When my husband and I first hosted Thanksgiving, I remember putting out the miniature turkey place card holders that capped off each plate setting. A scattering of colorful fall leaves, carefully positioned away from a glowing candlelight, completed the festive look, one that I took pride in creating. As time passed and we had a family of our own, we traded Turkey Day for Christmas at our house. A glass tumbler filled with Christmas ball ornaments, pine cones and a few artfully arranged candy canes was front and center. Because we had small children with prying hands, I put my candles away for the time being…but not without a heavy heart. I missed that soft glow and the intoxicating scent that pervaded the dining room, be it the spiced apples of fall or peppermint of Christmas. If you’re someone who’d love an alternative to candlelight that makes for an inviting centerpiece this holiday season, check out the latest trend in home decor. Yankee Candle’s Scenterpiece is a flameless home fragrance that does away with the entire concept of melting candle wax and replaces it with scented MeltCups that can be updated to suit your mood or decor. We tested out the Scenterpiece system and were impressed how easy it was to set up (simply plug in and add your favorite scent). Within minutes, a subtle scent of apple pumpkin permeated the room without being too powering. Because no lit candles were in sight, our guests assumed the aroma was coming from our kitchen…little did they know. Aside from not having to worry about wax clean-up (or remembering whether or not someone blew out a candle before leaving the room), we love the Scenterpiece for its family-friendly design. My kids can drop in or lift out a new MeltCup without burning their fingers, as MeltCups are cool to the touch. Available in a variety of festive fall scents like Apple Pumpkin, Autumn Leaves and November Rain, Scenterpiece is the perfect addition to the Thanksgiving table or as a hostess gift.

In a Nutshell: A holiday centerpiece that’s no fuss, no muss. That’s something we can all be thankful for.




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newly minted school year: nesquik drinks; eos lip balm

Backpack? Check. Lunch bag? Check. Pencils, pens and crayons? Check, check…and check. If it feels like life has suddenly turned into one big “to-do” list, that’s how you know summer vacation is officially over, and the new school year is about to begin. While we know so many of you are already set with all your supplies and new clothes, who says there’s no room on the list for a little something extra? (Don’t worry: these little treats won’t break the bank.) For the tween girl who’s always complaining of dry lips and has grown tired her Chapstick, she’ll want to get her hands on eos Visibly Soft Lip Balms. Designed in an unmistakably unique sphere, this lip balm is as much fun to put on as it is to uncap. Inside, the deliciously yummy balm goes on super smooth and is enhanced with special ingredients that put other lip balms to shame. Available in new flavors like Coconut Milk and Vanilla Mint, your lip-smacking girl is bound to turn some heads at the bus stop this year…Speaking of mints, who doesn’t love their annual Girl Scout cookies fix? But if your hungry gang can’t wait until the next delivery, satisfy their after-school sweet tooth with the Nesquik Girl Scouts line of beverages. Available on store shelves this fall for a limited time, these 14-oz. ready-to-go drinks combine low-fat chocolate milk with two of the more popular Girl Scout cookie flavors: Thin Mints and Caramel Coconut. Sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a snacktime favorite!

In a Nutshell: Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to the same old, same old. These two items help get the new school year off to a tasty start.

Vanilla Mint_open_capRtilt_HighResTWG_Nesquik_Thin Mints



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a present for the little prince: the spunky stork romper of the month club

Happy 1st Birthday, Prince George. Watching this royal cutie change and grow over the last 12 months has been a treat for all of here in the States. I personally love to see what he’s wearing, given how stylish and well put-together his beautiful mum is. But I can’t help but wonder: Once little George is back at home in the nursery and out of the public eye, just how dashing are his onesies? Most moms know how many of these babies go through in one day alone. Stocking up on this baby essential is not only necessary, but it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Of course, like any parent knows, it never hurts to have a sense of humor, and that means having fun with your little one’s wardrobe. Gift givers looking for something fun, yet functional for a new baby should take note of The Spunky Stork’s Romper of the Month Club. Each month, you’ll be asked to select a particular onesie design for your intended gift recipient, along with their size, and it arrives in a few days. It’s a practical, yet fun way to make sure your favorite baby is well-dressed (and a great excuse to toss those spit-up stained rompers). Choose from any number of witty sayings (“as seen on ultra sound”) to fun prints (imagine the future King of England wearing a–gasp!–Eiffel Tower romper?). And since babies seem to grow awfully fast, you can update your order with the right size each month. Now that’s cause for celebration.

In a Nutshell: A baby gift that keeps on giving, and that’s fit for a future king. Sign us up.


Romper of the Month Club

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time to go play: vtech kidizoom smartwatch

When my husband was a kid, he liked to watch “Inspector Gadget.” He may have thought the adventures alone were cool, but personally, I think he was mesmerized by his watch, which could do just about everything under the sun. If ever we thought those kind of gadgets were a long way off, well, let’s just the say that the future is now. VTech’s Kidizoom Smartwatch is probably the hardest-working timepiece we’ve ever seen. Ever the multitasker, this wristwatch boasts a miniature camera for taking photos and making videos, four games to play on the go, and (our favorite) a voice recorder with five voice changing effects (bet Inspector Gadget would have loved that). Kids will love to dress up their pix with personalized picture frames, color filters and special distortion effects. I know I always look so much more vexing with devil horns sticking out of my head. Lucky for me, the screen size is modest at just under 1 1/2 inches. Oh, and of course, the Kidizoom Smartwatch tells time, too. Would you expect anything less?

In a Nutshell: “Watch” how quickly this super-cool catapults to the top of every kid’s wish list. Time to get to the toy store and pick up one of these…stat!

Smartwatch - blue


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designer denim: peaceable kingdom jean tats

How cool are your blue jeans? Probably not as hip as you’d like them to be (seriously, my mom jeans could use a makeover). If you happen to have some crafty tweens who are already crying the summertime blues, but are way past the Rainbow Loom craze, have we got a product for them (and you)! Peaceable Kingdom’s Jean Tats are a simple way to update your favorite pair of jeans without involving any tears, rips or dye jobs. Easy as pie, these tattoos don’t require any special tools or any hard-to-follow instructions either. Simply cut them out, remove the backing paper and place the tattoo face up on your jeans. Next rub the tattoo evenly with the included popsicle-type stick. Finally, carefully lift off the plastic and voila! Instant fashion update. Unlike real tattoos, these works of art don’t require a lifetime commitment; once you’re ready to move on to another design, just pop those pants in the laundry and they wash right off. Jean Tats come in a variety of different styles, like Peace & Love and (our favorite) Funny Faces. They’re bound to suit the most temperamental fashionista.

In a Nutshell: Call ‘em pants with personality. When it comes to giving your jeans a facelift, this temporary tattoos are all the rage.



a bright idea: kushies night lights

This past weekend, I did not have one of those ‘lightbulb moments’ in parenting. After returning from a quick sojourn to the beach with the kids, I failed to pack up my daughter’s nightlight that I had remembered to bring along in the first place…and only realized my blunder at bedtime. (Mind you, this is a kid who can not, will not live without some semblance of light in her bedroom.) In a pinch, we wound up swapping another nightlight in its place, but only temporarily, natch. I keep thinking that if we had a nightlight that stood out a bit more, maybe I’d be a bit better about noticing it when it was time to head home. Kushies Night Lights are a surefire example of lights that make their presence known. Available in a variety of whimsical styles like colorful bugs and plump teddy bears, they’re made from non-toxic plastic that doesn’t get hot to the touch. That’s especially important since kids can tap them on and off when they need a comforting glow. Fortunately, these lights have an automatic shut-off because even night owls need their shuteye. Especially the ones who are afraid of the dark.

In a Nutshell: A nightlight that stands out in a crowd–and that you’ll never forget to pack.


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drink up, dad: father’s day gift ideas

Next weekend is Father’s Day…have you picked out a tie yet? Yes, we know it can’t be easy for to buy something for the guy who has everything…and it’s even more challenging if he’s not into golfing, grilling or playing with his big-boy tools. To add a little spice to his day, why not go a la Boardwalk Empire and pick up some hand-crafted moonshine? Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine makes 10 different flavors passed down from old family recipes, and packs them in moonshine jugs and jars that make extra-special gifts. From Original Moonshine, to Charred Moonshine, each has a distinct flavor all its own…and one that dear ol’ dad may want to keep all to himself….If your guy is trying to cut down on the calories, but still craves that delicious scent of an ice-cold beer, consider Yankee Candle’s On Tap. One whiff of this fragrant candle, and he’ll be instantly transported to his favorite pub, the heady aroma of a just-poured draft beer. Makes a great gift idea for the mancave. Happy Father’s Day!

In a Nutshell: Let Dad tie one on in a different kind of way with two great gifts with no aftertaste.

OleSmoky-LightninOn Tap - Yankee Candle Large Jar (2)


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