• their own throne: summer infant my size potty

    Back in the potty-training days, my younger daughter was a bit baffled by her potty seat. Right from the start, she asked me why it looked so different from the one we used. And truthfully, I didn’t have a good answer for her (“This one is so much more colorful, see?”)…and smart cookie that she was, she wasn’t buying my fabricated response. How cool is it that today’s potty-training kids can feel more like a big kid with Summer Infant’s My Size Potty? This pint-sized floor model resembles an adult-sized standard toilet, complete with a toilet handle that makes realistic flushing sounds much to the delight of little toilet trainers. There’s a clip-on splash guard that’s helpful for training young boys, and a removable bowl for easy clean-up (sorry, this potty doesn’t actually flush). We love the built-in wipes dispenser at the top of the toilet that makes good hygiene a no-brainer. Anything to help make potty-training less of a chore gets two thumbs up!

    In a Nutshell: Taking care of business like the big kids do goes a long way, thanks to this cool new potty.

    Summer Infant My Size Potty


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