• fresh air feline: pbs kids nature cat

    Ever wonder what your cat does when you head out of the house for the day? If your answer is “sleep all day,” then clearly you don’t know Nature Cat. A natural extension of the Internet-based feline frenzy comes the latest animated television series from PBS Kids that’s kid-friendly and parent-approved. Centered around an ordinary house cat who transforms into a self-dubbed outdoor extraordinaire, this kitty is no slouch by any stretch of the imagination. Complete in a Robin Hood-esque get-up and an equally spirited energy that defies classic kitty stereotypes, Nature Cat and his gaggle of animal friends set out on a series of action-packed adventures that turn a basic backyard into a playground of non-stop fun. Voiced by SNL’s Taran Killam as Nature Cat, along with the talents of fellow cast members Bobby Moynihan as Hal the Dog and Kate McKinnon as Squeaks the Mouse, this ensemble can turn the most mundane task (locating a dog’s bone) into a full-fledged treasure hunt. An engaging visual treat, Nature Cat lets viewers stretch their imaginations and re-think their surroundings as a place that’s always ready to explore. Nature Cat premieres on November 25th; check local listings for times.

    In a Nutshell: This is one cat that doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘nap.’ A new show that may just have kids heading out to play willingly.

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