• back to bathtime: angelcare near & dear bather

    I always loved taking a bath…until I had kids. My visions of soapy, rubber duckie bath play quickly vanished, and were replaced with a grim reality: Bending over that deep bath tub to wash a little babe became back-breaking work. And trying to hold on to a squirming baby with one hand, while opening up a towel to bundle her in? Good luck with that. Finally, someone has invented a baby bathtub worth splashing about. Angelcare’s Near & Dear Bather is an upright, foldable tub that’s designed to sit inside a full-sized bath. Made from a quick-drying mesh material, it stands in a locked position, offering your baby a safe and comfortable spot in which to bathe. What’s great about this tub is that you can use it from Day 1; your newborn can comfortably relax in it, as you gently cleanse her, and it’s just as convenient for your older baby who is able to sit up. When she’s ready to dry off, you don’t have to fret over keeping her steady. Go ahead and grab that fluffy towel with both hands, unencumbered. After bathtime, this product folds up flat for storage and easy drying. Rubber duckie-approved.

    In a Nutshell: A baby tub that lets you bathe your little one effortlessly, minus the aches and pains. The Angelcare Near & Dear Bather is available exclusively at buy buy Baby.


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