• lions, tigers and make-believe beasts…oh my!: fibre-craft crafty zoo 2 do

    Are the dog days of summer here already? Sure feels like it out there. After a solid month of swimming at the beach, sleeping late and catching fireflies, the novelty of summer seems to have worn off a bit (or at least, that’s how it feels in our house). Sure, my kids love the slower pace, but it doesn’t mean boredom doesn’t set in from time to time. To keep those creative juices from drying up, I recently introduced my crafty 7-year-old to Fibre-Craft’s Zoo 2 Do. This line of craft kits is every kid’s dream of endless crafting projects. With over 20 animal-themed projects to make, there’s plenty of opportunity for kids ages 6 and up. An instruction sheet of inspirational ideas guides younger kids, while providing tons of suppliesĀ  for more seasoned crafters. Materials include styrofoam balls, googly eyes, pom poms, yarn, paper shapes, stickers, mini paper bags and more. (That means you don’t need to schlepp out to Michael’s.) All that’s needed is glue and your imagination, of course. My daughter had a blast making creatures of her own design, and is ready for more. Lucky for her, there’s still several weeks of summer vacation left.

    In a Nutshell: Stave off bouts of boredom with a cool animal craft kit we’re just wild about…

    Fibre-Craft_CreativeHands_Zoo2Do_HR (2)

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