• retro hair: alberto v05 shine, glow & go beauty oil

    Back in the day, how cool was it to get an Alberto VO5 hot oil treatment? I remember seeing the commercials on TV and in my sister’s fashion magazines, hoping that someday, I’d be grown-up enough to do something more sophisticated with my hair than a plain old ponytail. (Little did I know, my mother would torment with endless perms, but that’s a story for another day.) Today, I may have graduated to salon status, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t benefit from occasional at-home hair maintenance. But because I’m a mom who works from home and manages two kids, I’m not exactly in the market for an all-day beauty fest. Fortunately, Alberto VO5 is in tune with modern women’s needs with its Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil. A multi-tasker just like mom, this product revives both hair and skin with a quick mist, giving you that just-stepped-out-of the-shower feeling that gives you a much-needed boost. And on days when temperatures are soaring and humidity is on the rise, this oil lightly refreshes you without weighing you down. So, give yourself a blast of the past…minus the bad perm.

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