• eraser-able you: international arrivals wild animal scented erasers

    Homework is a real drag. And at this point in the school year, with the warmer weather beckoning kids outdoors, it’s getting even harder to sit still and get that work out of the way and done! In the spirit of finding innovative (read: inexpensive) ways to entice my newly minted 7-year-old to breeze through her math problems, I presented her with Wild Animal Scented Erasers and boy, did she perk up. These soft erasers are designed in colorful animal shapes–purple gorilla, blue elephant and green frog–and sit atop an easy-to-grip decorative holder. With 5 refills in each pack, your kid can make as many mistakes as she pleases. And don’t be surprised if some of them are intentional; one whiff of those erasing animals, and who wouldn’t want more? Just no more homework, though…please. Wild Animal Scented Erasers are sold separately.

    In a Nutshell: If the natives are restless, spice up their homework routine with fun and fruity-scented erasers. We smell a hit.


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