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    Earlier this week, I was invited to attend a press luncheon with an important agenda on the menu. The focus was on helping to promote safe sleep practice for babies, both in the home and at daycare. Many of us grew up with our parents having placed us in our cribs on our tummies, blissfully unaware of the dangers of SIDS. Today, our generation is striving to better educate our own parents (now grandparents) and caregivers by insisting that babies be placed on their backs, without any loose blankets, plush toys or pillows. (Yes, as snuggly as that soft teddy bear might be, he is best reserved for playtime and not when a child is sleeping.) To help promote safe sleep awareness, representatives from First Candle, a non-profit dedicated to babies survival and Love to Dream, makers of swaddles and sleep bags for 0-36 months, were on hand to share their stories. We learned that sadly, the first day a baby goes to daycare is its most dangerous and that most child-related injuries occur within one week of childcare placement. If you think you know better than the average parent, consider the story shared by Alison Jacobson, otherwise known as The Safety Mom, who lost her own infant son to SIDS. Jacobson told us that as an educated professional and mother, she couldn’t possibly see herself as a statistic and so today, she devotes herself to helping inform parents and caregivers about SIDS prevention. Lastly, but certainly not least, we were introduced to Hana Krawchuk, founder of the Love to Dream brand of swaddling blankets and sleep bags, who demonstrated how and why babies need to be swaddled from the get-go. Her Swaddle Up line enables newborns to sleep with their arms swaddled up to promote self-soothing, resulting in a better night’s sleep. As babies grow, they transition into a different type of sleep: one that enables their arms to be free, but still provides the security of a sleeping bag (think: no more blankets kicked off at night). We were especially delighted to check out the Inventa Sleep Bag, featuring zippered vents on the front and back that solve the problem of baby getting too hot while sleeping. Ideal for summertime slumber, this sleep bag can be opened or closed as needed, adjusting the temperature without waking your little one. Much like a good night’s rest, we left this luncheon feeling reinvigorated, refreshed and a bit more confident on how to help promote safe sleeping.

    In a Nutshell: Spread the news: Babies should always sleep on their backs, for their safety and yours.

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