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    Breaking Bad may be over, but the legend of Saul Goodman lives on. If you’re a fan of the television series, chances are you’ve been able to get your fix on this season’s spinoff Better Call Saul, starring the legal eagle himself. My husband and I get a kick out of watching this guy make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, so to speak. I don’t know what pains me more: his makeshift law office in the back of a nail salon or his sad attempt at trying to connect with people other than potential clients. Lawyer or not, this is one guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and we love him for it. Because we catch up on our DVR shows over the weekend, we’re paying tribute this Friday to the release of  Mezco Toyz’s Summer Exclusive Saul Goodman Figure. Outfitted in his trademark pinstriped suit, this six-inch figure is poised and ready to take on any pending legal battle that comes his way. This limited edition figure makes a great Father’s Day gift for the dad who endures the daily grind, whether it’s in the courtroom or the boardroom. We rest our case.

    In a Nutshell: The verdict is in. When it comes to entertaining television characters, this guy rules.


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