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    “How was school?,” I asked my daughter one day last week. “Good,” she replied. “Anything exciting happen today?,” I offered, hoping to illicit more than a pat reply. “Not much” was the response (hey, at least it was a two-word answer.) If talking to your kid feels like pulling teeth some days, then try speaking their language: combine tech talk with a little bit of humor. That’s the m.o. of Moji Mis, a gaggle of colorful creatures who utter all sorts of silly sounds when tickled. And if you have more than one Moji Mi, you can rub their spiky heads together and they’ll start up a huge gab fest. While these giggly guys can be a riot, they only speak when kids interact with them–something any parent doing all the talking for two can appreciate. So, if your kid has been less than chatty lately, Moji Mis may just the thing to get them talking again. And if you look closely, you may just see a smile, too.

    In a Nutshell: Cat got your kid’s tongue? These pint-sized playmates won’t let that last for long. Moji Mis make great Easter basket stuffers, too.

    Moji Mi - Four Characters (2)



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