• snowmageddon: uncle milton’s disney’s frozen line-up

    Boy, it sure is cold around here…and we’re not just talking about the weather. Ever since Disney announced that they’ll be making a sequel to Frozen, we’ve been tingling with excitement! You can expect plenty of toy makers to be working feverishly as they roll out new Frozen merchandise long before the movie’s release date. Last spring, the Talking Walnut reviewed some of Uncle Milton’s Frozen room decor. Now we’re taking a closer look at the latest additions to their growing Frozen merchandise. Among our favorite picks is the Snowball Light Projector, featuring soft blue and white lights that cast snowflakes on bedroom walls and ceilings. With three different light show programs, kids can settle in amidst a gentle backdrop that quietly ushers them off to sleep. For those who bedded down to lullabies when they were babies, Wild Walls-Magical Winter Journey will be music to their young ears. Kids can create their own Frozen scene using colorful wall decals of their favorite Frozen characters. When they turn on the Wallscape FX activator, they can watch it shine light three feet up their wall to the tune of “Let It Go.” One non-stop ticket to Dreamland, coming up!

    In a Nutshell: Chill out with the coolest line of Frozen room decor this side of Arendelle, available in Fall 2015.

    Snowball Light Projector - Hi-ResWild Walls - Magical Winter Journey - Hi-Res

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