• When my daughters were teething, a fresh-out-of-the-fridge snail-shaped teeth was a true lifesaver. Of course, tossing that poor snail onto the floor every few minutes quickly became a game, one they never seemed to tire of (maybe that took their minds off the pain, huh?). Surely there must be a better way to soothe your baby’s irritable gums without killing your back in the process?…Enter the Munch Mitt, a soft glove with a nubby, textured top designed for babies 3-12 months to gnaw on. The mitt fits securely around a child’s wrist via a Velcro enclosure–no more dropped teether for you to retrieve–and the BPA-free, silicone teether features a patterned surface that’s bound to attract your little one’s attention. Available in a handy travel bag, the Munch Mitt is machine-washable and perfect for when you’re on the go or hanging out at home.

    In a Nutshell: Put the power of self-soothing (literally) in your baby’s hand with this clever teether. Your sore back will thank you later.

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