• Like most of the Northeast, we are quite sick of winter. Enough with the endless snow, cold winds, slushy roads, school delays and shoveling! We don’t care if the groundhog was right or wrong; we’re ready for spring! As we watch the determined sun melt away all that snow –along with our winter blues–our thoughts turn to warmer weather, bringing flowers, green grass and the Easter Bunny. While you’re on the lookout for great basket stuffers this season, keep in mind a fresh idea for the baskets themselves. We recently stumbled upon Packable Pails, a line of colorful, collapsible buckets that do more than hold their fair share of jelly beans and chocolate eggs. If your house is anything like ours, the attic is packed to the rafters with boxes upon boxes of holiday decorations. (And after Christmas, Easter is a close second; we have one box reserved for just baskets alone!) What we love about Packable Pails is not just how well-designed they are, but how functional they are. Their square shape folds flat, so they take up very little storage space, and they are reusable. When you’re heading to the beach this summer, Packable Pails are easy to transport and won’t eat up any precious room in your already-overloaded beach bag. (OK, so maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves with thoughts of summer, but you can’t blame a girlĀ  for trying!) Here’s to a season “packed” with glorious, sunny days ahead!

    In a Nutshell: Whether filled with Easter treats or treasures from the seashore, these lightweight pails fold up easily. A versatile must-have for any space-conscious house.

    Packable Pails

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